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Farley - Banker:

Farley is a sexy-bodied straight-laced banker with a dirty mind. He spends all his working day in a confined office environment growing hornier every minute. On the weekends he gets to unleash his inner sexual beast and get it on in swinging clubs. This has opened him up to a lot of new experiences where he can experiment with groups and behaviour which he can’t when alone with his girlfriend in the bedroom. It’s horny to catch a city boy like this getting his freak on and taking the plunge into the unknown.

Farley was slightly trembling when he entered as he was so nervous about auditioning for porn. He wears a nice shirt and jacket as he wanted to impress in the interview, but of course he won’t be wearing them for long. He’s eased into the process and turns out to be very broad minded. He wants to ease into the process though and try it out before taking on anything too hardcore.

With experience having sex in a semi-public environments Farley should be accustomed to exposing himself. But within the confines of this small room and under the pressure of an interview he finds it a nerve-racking experience. He has a dark furry arse crack. Although the idea of being penetrated now gives him the willies it will be exciting to see him eased into the process of being fucked.

Farley is highly conscious of the camera while working himself up. With his nerves jangling there is an exhibitionist within him that finds the process of showing off for a stranger exciting. So much so that he works up a big hard on and then enjoys showing himself off till he can’t stop himself from hitting his climax.

Jason - Driver:

Jason has worked as an escort so approaches working in porn with a really professional attitude and is open to doing almost anything. He sees this as a job first and knows that his pleasure is secondary. As a keen runner and basketball player he has a thin muscular body. He may be slightly nervous but he gets into every position he’s directed to. It’s commendable that Jason is so keen and ready to do whatever it takes to be cast.

Jason is an easy going Jason even if his English skills aren’t the best. The look on his face as he contemplates being fucked by a woman with a strap on is priceless. He seems to contemplate doing sexual work with men as if it was a hard sell, but I don’t think he really objects to the prospect at all. He may prefer girls but this is business.

Jason is nervous but very obliging about positioning his body so it’s as exposed for the camera as possible. It’s hard not to imagine all that anal play Jason agreed to when getting him to lie on his back and show off his arsehole. As a fan of anal sex and worship it only seems right that he take it as well.

Wanking with someone else watching comes perfectly naturally to Jason. He’s never had any limitations about his body or shame in showing himself off. He reveals his strong preference for women as he chooses a nudie mag where they are looking particularly sluttish giving him a big orgasm. Jason’s willing attitude will take him far.

Paolo - Dustman:

Hunky straight guy Paolo is seeking to broaden his life experiences by trying out for porn. He has enough money so is just looking for kinky thrills while he's still young. With his quintessential jock look this sporty guy was well on his way to the professional football leagues before some fool ran him over while he was working on a building site. He's fully recovered but missed his chance at the athletic big time so he's determined not to miss his chance to be immortalized fucking on film.

Paolo doesn't understand that in order to be given work he needs to be as sexually versatile as possible. Even though he's only looking to screw chicks while looking like a star rather than make loads of money he has to show a little flexibility otherwise he'll be passed over almost every time when we make casting calls.

When he's bent over and spreading his arse for the camera Paolo clearly isn't comfortable with this position. You can almost hear his thoughts complaining that this isn't what he wanted to sign up for. But he pushes his way through it now that he's itching for the chance to star in a real porn video. With his bulky muscular body and dangerous looking stare it’s a pleasure to be the first to fully expose this sporty hunk.

Paolo's dick becomes impressively large and thick when he works it up to a full erection. He produces an ample sperm sample. This big athletic brute seems bashful showing it off without a woman in the room so I make sure to point out what a sizeable monster he's got just to see those pink cheeks of his blush.

Ronny - Chef:

Ronny is a macho straight guy who likes to be in charge and dominate women. As a bodybuilder and a man who works on his feet all day, he’s proud of his large muscular hairy body. This big beefy stud has never been fully naked on film before. So it was an extra thrill being able to fully explore his body and get him to reveal his asshole. He likes to live the good life going on expensive holidays and nights out, but these luxuries cost money and he’s only going to get paid big money if he stretches his tight sexual limits.

Ronny is a straight talking guy who knows what he wants. The only trouble is he doesn’t have the money to get everything he wants. There is a sticky place between his proud self image as a heterosexual man and getting the luxury lifestyle he desires. He may have to compromise more than he wants to in order to make the big money. It’ll be exciting to watch and see how far he’ll go in the future.

Ronny is such an imposing hunk I felt like an explorer setting out into the new world filming the terrain of his hairy naked body. At first he seems to enjoy being the centre of attention, but his attitude quickly changes once he’s bent over on the table spreading his arse cheeks. He hates posing in such a vulnerable submissive way as it goes totally against his nature, but it made recording his arsehole close up a special thrill.

Kneeling beneath Ronny while he’s wanking it’s easy to imagine him in the bedroom, grunting and grinding like an animal in heat seeking only to satisfy himself without a thought for anyone else’s pleasure. He shoots a big load of semen while staring down at me with disdain.

Sam - Driving Instructor:

Sam is a big muscular mean-looking cage fighter. With his broad hard chest and trunk-like thighs he’s one straight guy you’d never dare stare at too long in the locker room for fear of getting the shit pounded out of you. He likes hard violent sex and his excitement is quadrupled if he has an audience to his dirty deeds. There’s nothing so satisfying as watching a tough hetero martial arts expert being instructed to show off his arsehole just for pleasure.

Sam is a sexually daring tough guy, but he always likes to be the one in charge and is terrified about doing any sort of man on man action. That’s fine by me as I think it would be hot just to be one of the crowd watching his big buff body fucking wildly away. Nevertheless, I can’t help wanting to push his limits a bit to see him broaden his horizons even more.

It’s tricky auditioning dominant hetero guys as they don’t naturally like being told what to do especially if it involves submitting to what they think of as “gay” positions. Sam can sniff out the possibility of getting to indulge in a lot of hot sex while being a filthy exhibitionist so he’s willing to show off his arsehole if it means he might get some work.

Without the stimulus of his buddies or strangers cheering him on, Sam finds it more of a challenge to get himself off with only the penetrating gaze of the camera on him. Once he blows a big creamy load he has a really sexy self-satisfied grin on his face.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

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Paolo - Interview.wmv:  55.91 MB
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Ronny - Interview.wmv:  90.64 MB
Ronny - Physical.wmv:  74.22 MB
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Sam - Interview.wmv:  55.94 MB
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