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Masked Mayhem 3 - Cage Thunder vs Lobolito

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DescriptionIn Latin countries, there is a long storied tradition of masked wrestlers. The mask symbolizes more than just a way to hide the face of the wrestler; it stands for pride and honor. Masks symbolize animals, heroic archetypes, gods of the Aztec empire. No humiliation is greater for a luchador than to lose his mask, stripped of his honor, his shame and face exposed for all to see. Lobo, from a long and proud line of masked men, is eager to put his honor on the line and issued a cocky challenge. "I will unmask all the BGEast luchadores - starting with that Cage Thunder phony! He's a disgrace to masked wrestlers everywhere! He doesn't deserve the honor of wearing a mask!' His own mask symbolizes the Aztec god Teoyaomicqui'the god of dead warriors, and has been worn in his family by luchadores for generations.

Cage is not easily intimidated by anyone, let alone one he nicknames Lobolito'the little wolf. 'The little one hasn't even cut his permanent teeth yet,' he scoffed disdainfully as he donned his own golden mask, the symbol of Mextli, the god of war and thunder. 'I will cage the little wolf and add his mask to my trophy case'and perhaps his trunks too.' Despite scoring a decisive win in his debut, Cage feels he didn't get the respect he deserves from the other wrestlers'or the fans. Being insulted by a cocky newbie only adds fuel to his desire to use Lobolito to make a statement to the other wrestlers. Cocky and arrogant, Cage walks in on Lobo as he stretches and gets ready for the ultimate mask vs mask showdown! Lobo lets fly a string of insults to no response from Cage'who believes in letting action do the talking for him. Lobo offers his hand, only to be ignored by the bigger man. Lobo challenges Cage to a strength test'only to get a brutal right to the stomach for his trouble

A forearm smash and a knee lift send Lobo sprawling! As Cage moves in for the kill, Lobo slaps a brutal full nelson on the stud. But Cage powers his way out, and it soon is apparent he isn?t interested in merely beating Lobo?he wants to humiliate him! A vicious long held arm bar has the youngster screaming in agony, and Cage just keeps amping the pressure and switching into other variations in a vicious attempt to cripple Lobo. Once Lobo screams out his submission, it?s time for humiliation, Cage-style. Lobo clutches his aching arm as Cage struts and poses?standing on him, trampling him, putting a boot in his face and applying pressure to it! Cage continues to toy and batter Lobo..until Lobo finally gathers himself at the stud?s feet, using his body to pull himself up?and flips Cage down and over into a brutal groin ripping spladle split that has the muscled heel screaming in agony! Payback is a bitch?and Lobo adds a ball grab to help Cage decide to submit! As Cage rolls in agony, Lobo doesn?t let up! A vicious ball grab adds some extra incentive to a single leg boston, and suddenly Lobo is up, 2 subs to 1! And it?s time for a little humiliation, Lobostyle?Cage?s boot in the face comes back to haunt him? BAREFOOT and BIG time!

Cage isn?t about to just give up and lose to a newbie. His motto is ?pain to rage?. Despite the humiliations Lobo has inflicted on his pride, Cage manages to dig into his bag of tricks and level things with a vicious low blow that sends Lobo sprawling! Cage is in control?and determined to make an example of little Lobo. ?Remember this?? he taunts as he slaps a single leg boston on the youngster, complete with ball grab. Relentless, Cage continues to wear Lobo down, until he finally gets the prize he wanted?and then some! The slow peel of the mask - and the trunks -is the stuff wet-mask dreams are made of!
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