Studio 2000 - "Whatever You Say, Sir!" (1998)

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Description"Doing a show about the Army has been on a short list. of ideas at STUDIO 2000 for a couple of years but there have been problems that have kept it from becoming a reality. One of the main problems was that we wanted to find a space that would give us the opportunity to create a real military atmosphere. That kind of space isn't readily available-even in California where there is so much open "desert storm" type terrain-even though hundreds, or even thousands of military movies have been shot here. What is readily available for Paramount has little to do with the kind of backgrounds we can find. And yet, comparisons are inevitable and we didn't want to come out on the short end of the stick. Equally important was coming up with an idea for a script that was fun, sexy, gay and contemporary. We felt that Seamen First Class used up all the easy answers. We wanted something more challenging this time.
Well, after almost a year of constantly reading about new sex harassment charges that our military is defending with growing embarrassment and defensiveness, we had to ask the question, "What's the answer to all this?" We felt that since we now lived in the age of "Don't ask. Don't tell", the answer might lie a lot closer to home than anyone might suspect. Tyler Adams went to work playing with these ideas, and Scott Masters poured on the pressure to find a place to make a real Army movie, and, with the help of a new location scout, we found the perfect spot-visually exciting, affordable and welcoming. Tyler delivered a devilish script with lots of tongue in many cheeks and Braveheart John Tra4s; an intrepid crew, and a cast made up of STUDIO 2000 exclusives, a number of experienced actors whom we respect and admire and a few hot newcomers who can and do, set out for the high and remote desert. The result is Whatever You Say, Sir! and it was worth the wait and the effort. Memorable is a word certain to be used to describe it and it W11, without doubt, maintain a special space in the STUDIO 2000 collection of video classics.
Whatever You Say, Sir! opens with the arrival of a small platoon at a remote military camp for a special training course. After an inspection by Lt. Lawler (STUDIO 2000 exclusive Kevin Cobain) in which everything that might be helpful when trying to kill time-books, magazines, writing materials, cards--even cigarettes--is confiscated. Then Sgt. Higgins (superstud Mike Nichols) gives them their assignment for the course. Nothing. They are free to do whatever they like as long as they don't leave the area and they are never alone. Out in the boonies without privacy and with nothing to do would soon give anyone the willies. Take a bunch of horny young guys with their weapons all primed for action and the situation becomes incendiary indeed.
The first to breakdown old barriers is gung ho PFC McGuire (Rick Chase, another of our exclusives and a very special person) who while stealing a clandestine cigarette encounters his buddy, PFC Martinelli (stud. muffin newcomer Brad Hunter), who is doing the same. One frustration leads to another and the two are soon unlocking their horns in each other's hands, mouths and hungry holes. In the middle of the night, in the middle of the desert in the middle of a military compound, two hot spunk-filled youngsters have a go at it-awkwardly at first but with increasing intensity and sureness until each explodes in wondrous release.
It is another day and PFC's Hampton (the sinfully handsome Troy Halston) and Sloan (Kyle McKenna, who can match anyone in the looks and sin department) are called on the carpet by Lt. Lawler and Sgt. Higgins. In their desperate need, both young men have been seen doing it alone. That no-no is corrected as, under the ordered guidance of the very talented sergeant, these two are put to severe testing by the awesome equipment of the officer and his non-com. The two privates emerge from the training session sore but schooled and you can bet they will be spreading the word throughout the base when the special session is over.
Boredom and a need for action drive PFC Taylor (a newcomer stud with a big dick that just does not want to ever go down-unless it's down a deep throat or a tight ass) to a swimming hole. PFC Evans (Sean Dickson who is very well-equipped to control but prefers to get his by taking whatever can be dished out) tags along. What begins as a cool swim, however, soon turns into blazing lust when accidental physical contact in the water releases a torrent of pent-up need.
Even the officers feel the pressure and when Lawler relates his experience with Higgins, Hampton and Sloan, Captain Watson (newcomer and expert receiver Casey Morgan), is . quick to demand a demonstration of his fellow officer's accomplishments. He soon discovers that they are considerable. But no matter how insistent Lawler's huge tool becomes, Watson's voracious hole entices it greater lengths and deeper and harder thrusts. The afternoon sun can only cool these two infernos.
Mother desert night finds PFC McGuire and PFC Zawicki (the lean, mean sex machine from cowboy country, Shane Thomas) relaying after a moonlit swim in the rushing waters of a desert stream. When McGuire extends his appreciation for a favor that Zawicki has done to get him out of some trouble with Sgt. Higgins, Zawicki suggests that McGuire express his gratitude a little more physically. He does. They do. And there are no holds barred as these two do just about 6erything two healthy guys can do together.
The special training comes to an end and Captain Watson congratulates the men on the accomplishment of their military objective and of their growth, their willingness and their ability to give their all for the betterment of the New Army. The military objective of Whatever You Say! is an accomplishment only bested by the entertainment objectives of STUDIO 2000-to stimulate by thoughts, humor, beauty and sexuality to the highest possible degree of fulfillment and release-to tantalize all of the senses to conjoin in complex and intense climaxes-to rise to the highest level of pornographic joy. Sure. Whatever You Say, Sir!"

director John Travis
videography Ross Cannon

Brad Hunter - PFC Martinelli
Casey Morgan - Captain Watson
Kevin Cobain - Lt. Lawler
Kyle McKenna - PFC Sloan
Mike Nichols - Sgt. Higgins
Rick Chase - PFC McGuire
Sean Dickson - PFC Evans
Shane Thomas - PFC Zawicki
Troy Halston - PFC Hampton
Zachery Scott - PFC Taylor

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