Plexus Hardcore DVD9

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DescriptionPlexus! (Hardcore Edition) Disc 1 DVD9 (Disc 2 to follow)
Cast: Shane Rollins, Alex Steele, Michael Vincenzo, Brendan Austen, Jerek, Lance Gear, Andreas Stern & Tony Serrano
Directed by Chris Ward
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In the planning for almost 3 years, Raging Stallion's PLEXUS!--the third and final installment of Chris Ward's Art of the Orgy series, is now available for purchase. This is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, following in the wake of SEXUS and NEXUS (two of the most highly acclaimed films of all time). PLEXUS! takes the orgy to its final and most amazing apex! PLEXUS! gathers together the hottest men alive on earth (we flew in guys from Germany, England, Australia, Russia, and Spain to join our local all-american boys) and throws them into a steamy menagerie of sweaty sexual filth that must be seen. These actors, each carefully selected and screened to make sure that they had what it takes, are over-the-top exhibitionists who get off on performing for you and the camera. Sure, they have huge cocks up their asses and down their throats, but you can tell in their eyes that what they really enjoy is getting you off!

Lets talk about the cast. Who better to lead the charge than Raging Stallion exclusive Shane Rollins? But this time Shane seems like a totally different man! Sure, you have seen his youthful gymnast body in other fantastic films (Gay Dreams, A Porn Star Is Born, Probe, etc,) but have you ever seen Shane with his fine pecs covered in perfect chest hair? Shane proves his title as Raging Stallion's Man of the Year in several shocking scenes that deliver so much spooge that you will need a life preserver to stay afloat. One cum shot in particular is perhaps the best one ever filmed by anyone, anytime, any place.

RSS Exclusive Michael Vincenzo, who set the porn world afire in Gay Dreams and SexPack Six, shines bright once again as he fucks hot ass and takes it up his own in several pairings that show why this man is considered one of the best erotic stars of all time. His performance--especially when laying flat in a sling with a cock pounding his hole, is the highpoint of his amazing video career!

Brendan Austen, a Raging Stallion/Pistol Media exclusive made the trip all the way from Sydney to perform in this film. He knew that Plexus! would become an instant classic, and he felt so strongly about performing for Chris in this movie that he covered his own air fair from down under. A world class star, Austen fucks his way to porn superstardom in the main edit of Plexus!, but he really takes the cake (and about everything else) in his bottom performance on the Hard Core DVD. When you see him take a 14 inch dildo-cock all the way up his hole, over and over, full speed, non stop, no breaks, you will simply loose your beads! His hot, white ass quivers with greed as he takes more and more! Another must see that will drive you crazy!

Another Raging Stallion Exclusive joins the fray--on both the hard core and regular discs: the unstoppable, insatiable, bottom boy of the decade: JEREK! Jerek takes cock like no one else, and in this case he takes a three top fisting that ranks as one of Ass King Chris Ward's finest fisting sequences. He gets pounded for an hour, but his 27 year old ass screams for more. And more he gets!

Lance Gear also flew up from his new home in Australia to service as many tops as possible. This is Lance's first film in over a year. He was the costar of SEXUS (along with Tom Vacarro) so it is very exciting to see him return for the grand finale of the one of the greatest multi-year projects ever undertaken by a gay erotic studio. Lance has never been better, and he goes full out in a bid for next year's awards considerations (best actor perhaps? YOU BET!).

Another muscle stud from an earlier part of the series is Tony Serrano-- is the hunky, dark, latino stud who dominated NEXUS as the all-powerful, hugely endowed, fuck machine. He makes a return appearance in PLEXUS!, and the fucking is just as powerful. His beautiful curved cock seems to perfectly fit every cock it encounters. The faces of the bottoms tell you exactly how wonderful a fuck Serrano throws!

Andreas Stern, from Russia with love, is the hairy muscle bear of the movie. This man has the largest cock this side of Michael Brandon, and he knows how to use it. Stern takes charge in each of his several scenes, working his bottom boys with an attitude that says "take it and like it." His body is god-like in form, and recalls to mind the great calendar models of yesteryear. He is 100 percent lean beef and he tastes as good as a fine rib-eye steak!

Rounding out the cast is Alex Steele (coverman). Alex is from London, via Madrid, and in this, his first movie, he exudes superstar sex performer from every pour. The man sweats dick-stiffening pheromones that drive men wild! His costars were practically salivating to get a piece of his 100% bottom ass. His debut performance is one not to be missed!

So there's the cast! And what a group of men it is! There is so much to see in this film that it must be seen to be believed--rather than go into detail about each scene. Suffice it to say that just about every combination possible takes place in settings that range from solos, to two-ways, to three-ways right on up to two massive nine ways. This is the orgy movie of the year, and taken together with SEXUS and NEXUS it is perhaps the finest orgy film of all time.

The Second Disc of this movie (HARD CORE EDIT ONLY) has some remarkable things that will give hours of pleasure. Of course, there is the amazing Brendan Austen dildo scene, and the Jerek takes Lance Gear, Alex Steele, and Andreas Stern fisting scene. But wait! There's more! Director Chris Ward knew he had a hard act to follow what with the great reviews and customer satisfaction for SEXUS and NEXUS, so he took a chance and did something that no one has ever attempted!
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