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Director John Travis outdoes himself with "Driven," a motorcycle-driven story featuring a studly, gorgeous cast in rollicking action at a breakneck pace.

In the prelude, hot South African stud Jed Willcox walks a dark, deserted street alone. A motorcyclist, his face covered by the mask of his helmet, approaches him. Does Jed want a ride? Jed demurs, and the two go their separate ways.

Cut to a warehouse setting, where two completely naked, stunningly handsome men are already engaged in hot action. Jason Harley, hangs from a beam, as the other, Marco Paris, rims his butthole. Jason is absolutely beautiful, and he's a sexual dynamo, sucking Marco's uncut dick and then perching on an oil drum, his ass in the perfect position for Marco to plug his mouthwatering hole. And plug away he does. Marco then bottoms for Jason, bending over so Jason can plow him. Jason is every bit as great on top as he is on bottom, and his buff body looks great as he thrusts into Marco. The finale is great, too. Jason takes both his and Marco's dicks in hand and jerks them off together, in an astounding show of manual dexterity and concentration. Both shoot their loads, as Jason keeps on jerking until it looks as if Marco is going to hit the roof, and even Jason can't keep his entire body from shuddering at his own ministrations.

The next two scenes are woven together in a seamless blend of orgy and duo action. The motorcyclist from the first scene reappears, and he has a rider in tandem, wearing a leather hood. The motorcyclist, whose face is now visible, is buff stud Tony Mecelli, and the rider is Jed Willcox, but it is a mystery as to how they got together after their first encounter. Tony puts Jed's hands behind his back, handcuffs him, kisses Jed long enough to make his uncut dick engorged and hard, and then leaves him for the orgy going on across the room. Jed can then only watch as Tony joins in with Arpad Miklos, Jeff Wesley, Miguel Santee, D.C. Chandler and Ethan Marc as they suck and fuck each other. As usual, Arpad proves to be the man of the hour, sating his lust by fucking all three bottoms (Ethan, Miguel and Jeff) in turn. Tony and D.C. get their share of hot tail, too, of course. There are many great aspects to this six-stud affair, but the shots of Ethan's face as Arpad slides his dick deep into his ass are both unforgettable and erotic as hell, mostly because they are so obviously real. The expert camerawork, too, contributes a lot to the scene, as does the editing, which manages to show the action from several different angles in addition to keeping the pacing focused. After a couple of great cum-shots from Arpad and Tony, Tony returns to Jed, who is still watching, and still rock-hard. The orgy continues, though, even after Tony has left it.

Ethan helps Jed off with his clothes, and stays around for a while, but the real focus of the scene is Jed and Tony, a sizzling encounter. The studs use Tony's motorcycle as a prop for all the action, which includes Jed impressively deep-throating Tony's monster-sized erection, and then Tony gets a taste of Jed's cock, which even erect stays covered with an ample foreskin. But Jed isn't through with sucking yet, and goes back to Tony's dick one more time. The scene builds to a crescendo with Jed lowering his bubble-butt onto Tony's fat cock, impaling himself on it. Jed's ass is so hungry that Tony barely has to make any effort to fuck him, because Jed does most of the work himself, bracing on the motorcycle's handlebars and backing up on Tony's dick. Tony loses it then, literally spewing his load all over Jed's back and buttcheeks, but that isn't the end of the scene. They switch positions, and Jed lies back on the motorcycle seat and spreads his legs amazingly wide so that Tony can fuck him missionary-style. As Jed shoots his load in this position, Tony's dick slides out of his ass, but Tony shoves it back in as Jed continues to stroke out his cum. The scene ends with one more hot kiss between the two studs.

Just when you think the action can't get any better, Travis ups the ante again. The final scene is a real treat, the first onscreen bottoming performance by swarthy, hung Latino stud Rafael Carreras. D.C. Chandler gets the honor, after he first sword-swallows Rafael's huge meat. D.C. moves on to Rafael's hairless pucker, swabbing it down with his tongue and then teasing it with his fingers. Then D.C. fucks Rafael from behind, and Rafael's face shows he loves every inch of D.C.'s long dick. The pace picks up, with D.C. fucking away hard, and Rafael reaches back to pull his ass cheeks apart so that D.C. can get completely into his hole. The studs change positions, Rafael swallows D.C.'s cock all the way down, and then D.C. gets on his back so that Rafael can fuck his ass. D.C. and Rafael switch positions yet again, and D.C. slams into Rafael sidesaddle, and Rafael strokes his dick, which is still rock-hard. In the finale, D.C. fucks Rafael to a wrenching orgasm, and Rafael's load flies out of him and drenches his torso. Then Rafael licks D.C.'s balls until he erupts in a gusher of cum that drips off his tight abs, bringing this scorching duo scene, and this stellar production, to a close.

DVD features: Chapters; galleries; cast bios (stats and videographies); bloopers and outtakes; trailers ("The Right Moves" and "Ghetto"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( http://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Tony Mecelli, DC Chandler, Rafael Carreras, Jed Willcox, Jason Harley, Ethan Marc, Arpad Miklos, Marco Paris, Jeff Wesley and Miguel Santee.

Directed by John Travis.
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