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Staxus - Brad Fitt (5 Scenes)

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Description1 ) [D] [Staxus-Uniforms] Brad Fitt & Damien Dickey (BB) (720p) : 385 MB
Released: May 29, 2013
Full Length: 19:42 Minutes
Studio: Staxus
Models: Brad Fitt, Damien Dickey

2) [D] [CaStJo] Brad Fitt & Felix Webster (BB) (2012) : 431 MB
Released: October 2012
Full Length: 23:53 Minutes
Studio: CaStJo
Models: Brad Fitt, Felix Webster

3) [Staxus-Gang Bang] Brad Fitt, Kris Wallace & Boris Orla (BB) (720p) : 702 MB
Released: September 4, 2013
Full Length: 21:02 Minutes
Studio: Staxus - Gang Bang
Models: Brad Fitt, Kris Wallace, Boris Orla

Boris Orla has a huge salami that he wants Brad Fitt to see – and that’s no twee innuendo. He really does have a huge salami! But even that giant sausage from the local delicatessen can’t compete with the ramrod that Orla has stuffed inside his trousers. No surprise, therefore, that young Fitt – who, like his Polish mate, Kris Wallace, has always been an out-and-out size-queen – is soon giving all that hard male flesh some serious oral attention, slurping on Orla’s dick whilst Wallace feasts on Fitt’s badly swollen knob. Cue a fabulous feast of filthy fellatio, that soon develops into an all-out competition between Fitt and Wallace as they vie to give Orla the ultimate blow-job. It really is a joy to behold, and we’re quite sure that all you randy fans out there are gonna be tugging your own aching dicks in appreciation. Remember, however, that the real fun hasn’t even started yet, and that it’s not until Orla starts winging his cock in the direction of Fitt and Wallace’s asses that matters take on a whole new stratospheric quality! Believe us, blond boy Orla really does seem to be as happy as a pig in mud as he switches back and forth between the two fuck-holes, banging one ass after the other, then orchestrating a chain-fuck that’s worthy of a wad of two of jizz in itself. Talking of which it’s not long before all three lads are busting their nuts – first Wallace (over Fitt’s face), then Orla (over Fitt and Wallace) and finally Fitt (over himself). All told, a soaking-hot climax to a deliriously spunktastic display

4) [Staxus-Outdoors] Brad Fitt & Rick Nielson (Bareback) (720p) : 756 MB
Released: September 10, 2013
Full Movie Length: 21:28 Minutes
Studio: Staxus - Outdoors
Models: Brad Fitt, Rick Nielson

Young Brad Fitt has always had a bit of reputation when it comes to handsome, buff guys, so it’s no surprise at all when the lad goes all weak at the knees when confronted by the muscular Rick Nielson in the stables. Not that they exchange more than a chaste kiss amongst the horses; but believe us when we tell you that matters take on a much more intense, carnal nature once the two fellows have stepped outside.

Falling down to his knees on the grass, Fitt has his hungry lips wrapped tightly around his buddy’s knob-head almost before Nielson appears to know what’s happening, and it’s no fucking wonder that the stud’s eyes are soon rolling in appreciation of the dedicated oral workout that Fitt unleashes in his direction. Stirred up in response, Nielson is soon making up half of a breathtaking session of 69-ing in the sunshine; before the cute little twink (donning a ginger tone to his hair) enjoys one final slurp on the muscular adonis’s dick, then gets down on all fours to part open his fuck-hole.

It’s a truly explicit invitation – and, not surprisingly, it’s one that his pal takes total advantage of, slamming his swollen ramrod straight into Fitt’s eager pucker and giving the horny little bottom the kind of no-holds-barred ass-stretching that the lad probably dreams of most nights! It’s certainly no surprise when he spews a delicious wad of jizz whilst riding Nielson’s cock cowboy-style; before lapping at his buff buddy’s erupting bell-end to mark a terrific finale to this superb scene!

5) Staxus - Brad Fitt & Tim Walker : 880 MB
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