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Dave - The set-up.
Off duty army lad is horny for a bit of brothel action. And we know just the place to go...

This handsome soldier had caught our attention in an army parade earlier. After talking to him in the pub about the fit birds we'd seen looking at the men in uniform, it didn't even cross his mind that we could be anything other than red blooded hetero dudes.

When I suggest going to the Russian brothel just down the road, it gets Dave's attention right away.

Sexy sixteen year old Eastern European girls who do anal and only cost a tenner? Dave is panting with excitement at the prospect, and can't wait to video it to show the boys back at the barracks.

Dave - 1.
Blindfolded, duped into handcuffs and ankle cuffs, flogged, punched and anally invaded.

Poor Dave. He really does believe there are two Russian hookers in the room, feeling him up, about to give him a taste of sexual ecstacy. Instead, we whip off his blindfold and send him straight to his own personal hell - and he's fucking furious.

After ripping off his boxers, we have free reign over his struggling naked body. We grope and pinch his nipples, handle his cock, pry into his tight straight bum.

Having told us beforehand how disgusted he was at the thought of his arse being fooled around with, it's no surprise he's reacting with such vehement rage. Not only does he swear, spit and scream his head off at us, but this violent squaddie even tries to bite us.

Time to teach him who's in charge round here. Out come the whips to beat some old fashioned discipline into him. When he continues to threaten to kill us, we give him a few brutal gut punches with boxing gloves. Even that doesn't subdue his white hot rage.

As he's still spitting with hate, we simply hold him down and force our fingers roughly into his hole, making him scream in agonised rage. Of course, we take pleasure in telling him that there's a lot more where that came from...

Dave - 2.
Strapped down, forced open and probed. Then given a sound thrashing with increasingly hard implements.

You won't believe this session. This angry army fucker almost broke our spanking bench restraints. We've never had a guy struggle quite so much as Dave.

I'm not sure which of our tortures make Dave the most angry here - the beating he's receiving, or the utter shame of being homosexually violated like this.

He has a loud fit of rage when we spread his arse cheeks open and fondle his hairy crack and nutsack. He screams abuse and threats at us as we lay into him with our spanking tools.
And when I pin him down and press my crotch into his arse, as if to fuck him, he emits a panicked bellow of rage and flings his weight against the straps.

But for a proud, rebellious hetero like Dave, there's an extra special humiliation to come. We want to break him through pain, to force him to beg for something he thought he would rather die than receive.

We finally stop hitting Dave... after the homophobic thug breaks down and agrees to let us fuck him. Now that's what I call cruelty.

Dave - 3.
Chained up, fingerfucked and brutally spitroasted ... then covered in cum.

This is Dave's worst nightmare. He's naked, helplessly restrained on all fours, sore battered arse on display. And two sniggering sadists are running their hands over every inch of his vulnerable, shaking body.

As he feels my finger forcing its way into his arse, Dave howls with panic. He now knows what's coming to him... and it's fucking painful. He tries to beg his way out of it, but with a large, uncomfortable gag in his mouth, we can't quite hear him. Oh dear.

When I sink my cock into his tight virgin hole, the traumatized straight army stud doesn't even get chance to scream. Jake's hard cock is already down his throat and choking him till he's gagging and covered in drool.
Dave really does try hard to please us. He knows that if he doesn't give us a good time, he'll be beaten again... or worse.

After a lengthy pounding at both ends, Dave is a trembling wreck. Deep in his nightmare, he doesn't even make a sound as I jerk myself off into his face. Only his eyes betray his rage and misery as I empty my balls out and cover him in my sticky white cum.

Dave - 4.
Cruel and unusual bondage with tied cock. Anal hook humiliation. Painful flogging. Intense testicle vibration.

Having been fucked senseless, you'd think Dave would be a bit more willing to indulge our remaining sadistic urges in order to be set free. But the army knucklehead is still trying to resist everything we do to him - which only prolonges his torture.

Bound and gagged, Dave can only grunt with rage as I approach him with my nefarious toys. Amusingly, he tries to escape my rope tying attentions by shaking his head about - but he soon realises this will get him nowhere, and reluctantly submits.

In goes the anal hook, yanking his head backwards and forcing him to hold it there, or hurt his battered arsehole. Dave can't even hide his cringing, wincing face as our floggers lash into him, giving him yet another beating he'll never forget.

Dave - 5 of 5.
Tied, gagged, clamped, flogged, penetrated, cock clipped, pegged, gagfucked... and pissed on.

Bound and unhappy, all Dave can do now is wriggle and emit furious muffled protests through his gag as he endures our continuing tortures.

First he's tormented with the nipple clamps, rendering his already sensitive nubs an angry, crushed red. After a hard chest lashing with my flogger and some added nipple and bollock pegs, Dave flinches as I turn my attentions to his already sore arse. But he can't stop me ramming a dildo up his battered, abused hole.

The final touches to his multifaceted misery come in the form of nasty little cock clips, which I attach tightly to his toes. These hold his legs up in an uncomfortable position, made worse by the sharp yanks on his foreskin every time I tickle and whip him.

Off with the gag, and Dave's quickly shouting loud obscenities at me. So I shut him up by gagfucking him deep and hard, forcing my hard cock down his throat to teach him a lesson in respect.

And what's even more painful than wearing cock clips? Being forced to pull them off yourself. Dave sobs and screams as the clips ping off and hit him in the feet one by one.

The final humiliation? Stinking, yellow streams of my piss cascading down his face and running over his hairy chest. Dave is truly broken. Another straight man shown his place.

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