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Rear End Collision 2 - Lube Job

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DescriptionRaging Stallion Studios chose the 2003 Folsom Street Fair to launchRear End Collision 2 - Lube Job, the latest all-man all-assfisting spectacular. Starring London-based newcomer BrockDevonshire (a hairy chested, handsome, tattooed fisting expert whotakes as much as he can give), you know exactly what you are in for: garage greasemonkeys gang-banging gaping holes until the steamy sweat of sexualexhaustion leaves even the most revved up players panting on thefloor. This movie has it all - dramatic punch fisting, huge toys, giantsteel balls, cans of engine oil, funnels, fists, arms, whole houses! Everything in sight ends up someones hole!

SCENE 1 [Rik Jammer, Brock Devonshire]
Our man of the hour, Brock Devonshire, straddles a huge pile of cartires, working a long, thick, rubber dildo up his ass. He works his holehard, just like Chris Ward superstar Mark Evrett used to do. Howeverfast and furious this toy play may be, it is only a warm-up for RikJammer's huge hands, which soon plow their way up Brock's gut. Hiswhole body shakes, the ecstasy of a brilliant fisting overwhelming allof his senses. After this amazing display of all-anal action, Rik andBrock switch and Brock shows us all that his hand is as talented ashis hole. It is Rik Jammer's turn to take it up the ass, and in thisscene, Rik gives the best performance of his amazing career. Thisscene alone is a must own!

SCENE 2 [Marc Sterling]
Enter Marc Sterling! Ok guys, 23 year old Marc Sterling is a Chris Ward discovery who has a huge open career ahead of him. This is Marc's first scene and for the first time Chris Ward has captured on film a virgin hole taking its first fist! Many viewers have asked for this scene, and Raging Stallion has tried to film a 'first fist' several times, but to no avail. But Marc took it and the look on his face is the same as that shared by thousands of others when they took it for the first time. Raging Stallion Studios is proud to have filmed this groundbreaking footage. You will see more of Marc Sterling in the future - Johnny Rider move over: there is another hot young blond working his way up the size tree!

SCENE 3 [Simon Cox, Michael Brandon]
Over on a red work bench, Michael Brandon dives full on into SimonCox's stunning ass. As fans of Simon know, his hole is the bestparking space in all of gay porn. Brandon, who has become one offisting's hottest new tops, delivers action so intense that it actuallymade one reviewer claim that it had to have been faked. But nothingis faked - when you see Michael's arm slide up Simon's hole, youknow it is real and you know how good it feels! Simon can take it andMichael is eager to please!

SCENE 4 [Rik Jammer, Brock Devonshire, Anthony Moreno]
We find Brock Devonshire on a metal contraption sticking somethingup his ass. But What is it? It is all the way inside. Suddenly Brockturns into a human cannon and shoots a 20 pound steel ball out of hisamazing hole. Another first for the Raging Stallion film crew! Grabbinganother, and then still another, he stuffs himself with cannon balls anddrops them out one by one. As they crash onto the garage floor, youcan hear how heavy they are (after the shoot he said that these werethe best toys he had ever used!).Soon star Anthony Moreno (a hot hairy Mexican muscle god with thebest uncut cock we have ever seen!) and Rik Jammer drop in forsome fun. But first they have to get Brock all lubed up. On his backwith his ass pointing skyward, Rik and Anthony fill him up with agallon of J-Lube delivered thru a big red funnel. You have to see thisto believe it - especially as the lube quickly drains from the funnel intothe waiting cavern. Then the fisting really begins. The fisting andfucking in this scene are a fitting grand finale to Rear EndCollision #2: Lube Job.


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