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MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen: The Covenant (720p)

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DescriptionAfter taking not one, but two loads of cum in his mouth from the huge cock of an unknown stranger during the Endowment ceremony, Elder Sorensen is pulled through the veil and moves through the secret halls of the temple continuing his journey designed by the men of The Order.
He can still taste the satisfied strangerÂ’s cock on his lips as a temple worker parts another veil and commands him to walk in front through a narrow passageway.
The workerÂ’s thick hand holds tight to Elder SorensenÂ’s neck, while the head of the manÂ’s massive erection bobs menacingly between the boyÂ’s exposed ass cheeks as they navigate down the corridor.
“I don’t mind if a boy gets tired and slows down,” he warned as he nudged the boy’s asshole with the head of his dick.
He continued to guide the young boy through the halls of the temple.
SorensenÂ’s dick was rock hard against the thin material of his ceremonial robes. He was so turned on. He also couldnÂ’t wait for the next sex ritual that was in store for him. He wanted to make this covenant with the Brethren more than he wanted anything.
He wanted to be ordained. The temple worker leaves the fresh faced initiate at a tiny door in the wall. SorensenÂ’s heart begins to race.
What and more importantly, who will be on the other side of that door and will he be able to do whatever is required of him?
He hears a sharp knock and knows he is being summoned. Elder Sorensen crawls on hands and knees through the door and into the blinding white light of the Seed Chamber. There is President Oaks, the commanding head of The Order who first filled SorensenÂ’s tight hole with his pulsing member.
In the corner is President Nelson who has also given the boy a pounding he wouldnÂ’t soon forget.
President Oaks commands the boy to kneel before him, take off his socks and wash his feet. Sorensen does so without hesitation. He wants to please President Oaks. He is in awe of the manÂ’s power and charisma. He is also in awe of the growing bulge in President Oaks pants.
The handsome President tells Sorensen to stand up and he begins to run his hands over the boyÂ’s smooth, muscular body.
“You’ve always been a good, obedient boy.” He says, pulling off Sorensen’s ceremonial robes and revealing his, throbbing erection. “You’re just like a son to me.”
To SorensenÂ’s surprise the salt and pepper haired daddy drops to his knees and swallows the young boyÂ’s cock. Sorensen can feel the tight sucking sensation running through his whole body. His desire for President Oaks keeps growing and growing.
When Oaks finally relinquishes SorensenÂ’s cock he guides the boy to the floor and tells him to take his own hard dick in his mouth. Sorensen does so without a word. He looks straight up at him with his big blue eyes and takes the cock all the way to the back of his throat.
He is so grateful for President OakÂ’s guidance. He will do anything the leader of the sacred Order asks of him. Even if it means his still tender hole will be stretched wider than itÂ’s ever been stretched.
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