Jeff Seid Collection 2

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Descriptionjeff seid is a fitness model, this is a compilation of videos of him doing exercise in tight shorts and etc, very hot, it's worth a fap time ...
20 videos all in hd

BroScientist Jeff Seid talks about Club Shredded and the Shredded Pyramid (1080p).mp4 130.07 MB
Chest and Back Arnold Style Workout at the Mecca Golds Gym Venice w_ Jeff Seid (1080p).mp4 1.33 GB
Chest and Calves Workout w_ Jeff Seid 16 days out IFBB Greater Gulf States Competition (1080p).mp4 356.54 MB
Chest Workout w_ Jeff Seid and company (1080p).mp4 540.55 MB
Crazy Ripped Teenager Flexing Abs and Muscles ft. Jeff Seid (1080p).mp4 32.23 MB
Day 1 Push Workout w_ Jeff Seid & Felix Valentino (720p).mp4 298.77 MB
Day 2 Pull (Back, Biceps, Traps) Workout (720p).mp4 221.90 MB
Fibo 2014 w_ Jeff Seid, Matt Ogus, Alon Gabbay and Marc Fitt (1080p).mp4 371.53 MB
First LA VLOG Chest & Back Workout, GymShark Dinner (1080p).mp4 295.01 MB
Fitness Inspiration - Aesthetic Generation w_ Jeff Seid, Alon Gabbay, Marc Fitt, Matt Ogus (720p).mp4 43.22 MB
Fitness Model Jeff Seid Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot and Workout (1080p).mp4 96.38 MB
Freaknight w_ the crew preview (720p).mp4 5.33 MB
Fucking around at home w_ some shitty photoshoot advice lmao [VLOG] (1080p).mp4 83.25 MB
Full Body Ten Minute Stretching Routine w_ Bodybuilder Jeff Seid, 13 days out Meal Prep (1080p).mp4 185.48 MB
Full IFBB Pro Chest & Triceps Workout w_ Jeff Seid (1080p).mp4 402.07 MB
Hardcore Back Workout with Jeff Seid (1080p).mp4 57.92 MB
Hotel Gym Workout, ft. Alon Gabbay & Jeff Seid (1080p).mp4 64.66 MB
How To Do Dumbbell Flyes w_ IFBB Pro Jeff Seid (1080p).mp4 32.63 MB
How to get 1 million views on youtube! Jeff Seid reveals the secrets to going viral on the internet (1080p).mp4 61.87 MB
IFBB Europa Show of Champions Part 1 Jeff Seid vlog (1080p).mp4 149.05 MB
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