[EL] Drew Daniels Compilation BIG HUNK!

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Description1. Drew Daniels (Wanked to Cum Shot)
Drew is a powerful and tall Rugby Player, at over 6’3 and 95kgs he is one big piece of muscley hunk, nothing on him is small, powerful legs, bubble butt, great abs, massive shoulders and big biceps and one other muscle that hangs down, a whopper of and uncut cock! No wonder Drew smiles so much, the less he has on the happier he seems, though I guess we would all be like that with his secret weapon! Once he flops it out, you don’t see it soft for long, without a touch it rears up pointing to the ceiling and he can’t resist a playing with it. He wanks quite gently often stroking not wanking and loves the sensual touch, though all this teasing and he knows how to make a nice mess!

2. Drew Daniels (Gets Massaged & Receives his First Hand Job from a Guy)
When I first met Drew some six months ago he was really cautious about being photographed naked, so today Drew getting a massage, seems to relax him though stimulate at the same time! His body enjoys the warm and oily hands and when his cock is touched for the first time by a guy it does its job perfectly and rises up so Zack wanks a big handful of big Drew! Drew does have a lovely long uncut cock, thick as well, just look how small Zack’s hands look! Enjoying having his first wank from another guy he gets harder and harder and spews a pretty big mess over himself and Zack.

3. Drew Daniels & Dan Broughton (His 1st Blow Job from a Guy!)
Drew steps up a gear today, did not think we would see him do this; Dan strips down drew and before long he has his hands all over drew, in his pants and is playing away like he has a new toy! Drew closes his eyes and Dan licks the ends of drew massive erect uncut cock! Drew cant believe what is happening and just enjoys Dan giving great head and hoping non of his mates ever see this! Dan is great at giving head and all the straight lads he has sucked always say they enjoy it loads, which always worries them! So Dan carries on playing away and before long Drew is blowing his load, all done without him lifting a finger!

4. Drew Daniels F Dan Broughton (Drills his 1st Man Hole & Lucky Dan gets Split in Two!)
Big muscled hunky favourite Drew is back and talk about pushing boundaries, Drew is again flapping around way past his comfort zone! Looking bigger than ever its pretty visible that he has been hitting the gym hard, a great ploy to get him down to his boxers so we can check out his pecs, abs and guns; cue Dan and in no time is exploring Drew’s sculpted body. Pulling down his briefs and sucking on Drew’s big uncut cock, which is soon rock hard, nearly as hard as Dan’s! Dan so horny bends over and eases in Drew’s cock, Dan cant believe his luck getting fucked by such a massive cock attached to one right hunky rugby player! Dan’s face tells you what he is feeling; Drew is long and thick and its like sitting on a traffic cone! Much fucking later and Dan blows a nice load, a minute later Drew shoots on his abs. One very pleased boy and one very shocked boy; Did I really just fuck a guy, Drew is thinking!

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