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TitanMen - Deep Water Beach Patrol

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DescriptionCast:  Mason Wyler, Chuck Scott, Zackary Pierce, Colby Keller, Derrick Hanson, Dylan West, Eryk Elliot, George Glass, Marc Sterling, Ray Dragon, Tony Bishop
Director:  Joe Gage
Length: 2 hr 30 min
Year: 2006
Studio :  TitanMen

"Plunge deep into master director Joe Gage’s classic obsessions in Deep Water Beach Patrol. It’s two-and-a-half non-stop hours with eleven cock-obsessed, fuck-hungry and piss-loving dudes. That’s right - shots of surfer boys notwithstanding, nobody goes anywhere near the water to get drenched in this flick. Three piss-happy episodes shower the guzzling guys with warm gold (available only in the Director’s Expanded Edition).

Deep Water Beach Patrol is saturated with hairy-chested daddies roughing each other up, and tangling with smooth younger men. Mature Dylan West shows the ropes to younger Mason Wyler and Eryk Elliot and gets double-penetrated in the bargain. Marc Sterling and Colby Keller turn their cocks into waterspouts and soak each other in liquid sunshine. Hairy-chested wrangler George Glass tangles tough with smooth, steel-poled Zackary Pierce. And it’s not just a fuck, it’s a demolition derby when sex slut Marc Sterling and nasty playing pup Tony Bishop take a side-by-side thrill drill from thickly hung, tattooed rump master Chuck Scott. Topping the bill in two scenes is that iconic daddy of them all Ray Dragon, first taking a load of cream from George Glass' shooter, and then trading blow jobs and bull gravy with unbridled Derrick Hanson. Can’t put your finger on what’s different about Ray? It’s his first scene ever - that’s right, ever - with a smooth shaven face.

Here’s a classic Joe Gage scene, played out in tense cock-stiffening fullness: The dick loving dude who knows his way around the block, and the younger guys who aren’t sure it’s the route they wanna take. Mason knows he’s always dragged into the same thing when Dylan shows up: sex. But how will his young buddy Eryk react when Dylan barges in as they’re watching the football game? When the cable goes out, Dylan pops a sex video in. Before you know it, the guys are checking out each other’s bulging baskets, and Dylan’s peeling back his foreskin to show off a drop dead humungous dick head. That’s okay with Mason - he hauls out a trouser snake that’s long and fat, with a full overhang. Dylan’s leading the young colts to a trough they’re gonna wanna drink from.

The boxers come off, and three dicks stand up straight in a row. The guys are mesmerized by the bone show, jacking themselves off real slow. Dylan reaches over and takes hold of Mason’s firm young cock. "Oh, yeah," the pup moans, "jack me off." When Mason gives Dylan the silent go-ahead, Dylan’s lips sink down on the overheated hunk of meat. And Eryk melts when Dylan turns the powermouth on him. And then pushes Eryk’s head towards his crotch. Oh, yeah, there’s that moment’s hesitation before Eryk’s lips touch cock. And takes it. All. It’s okay, though. They’re buddies, ya know?

Three hot loads later, Eryk’s unsure about the gal getting double-penetrated in the video. "Aren’t their dicks rubbing together? Isn’t that a gay thing?" But his cock’s getting hard. Mason and Dylan show him it’s just a guy thing, a coupla horny buddies getting it off. Mason sinks his long pipe slowly into Dylan’s ass, and when Eryk’s rubbered up, Mason’s slow squat on the fresh fuckpole takes in every inch. When Dylan lies back and the dudes plug him together, sap strongly rises in the stem and three loads blast across Dylan.

There’s more. Mason and Eryk are in the shower down at the beach when Dylan strolls in and drops trou. The pair showers him with yellow liquid. Eyrk’s piss stream never runs out, and there’s an eternity of nice warm piss shower. Finally, the drizzling dudes kneel before Dylan to eagerly take his face flushing bath.

Replacing Godzilla in his fantasy, monster movie fan Zack is battled by giant policeman George. It’s The Attack of the 50 Foot Homos! Citizens run screaming through the city’s ruins as the towering behemoths kiss. Glass engulfs Zack’s incredible giant cock, and the steely tool shoots a huge blast of cum onto George’s hairy chest.

Ray arrives like the Cavalry when George pulls out his own mammoth meat, and finally succeeds in subduing it, working George’s colossal nipples and sucking the big bone so hard the cum blasts out in gigantic jets. Back in real life, boss Ray lets new crew member Derrick know how to get ahead. He’s gotta give it. Derrick nearly sucks the skin off Ray’s plump prick, and Ray gets down on Derrick’s satin smooth shaft. Derrick’s cum spurts a full yard, and Ray stands up to reward his employee’s earnest effort by showering him with a manly load of hot Dragon jizz.

In the Director's Cut version, Marc and Colby share downpours of warm gold rain in a mutual water sports spree. Marc especially likes those gargling mouthfuls.

Eyeing beach crew guys Tony and Marc, computer tech Chuck wants to get more than one system up and running. Chuck’s a direct kind of guy. Hooking up to some on-line sex, he asks, "Do you guys suck cock?" Oh, yeah. Marc falls onto Chuck’s magnificent man-sized member, and Tony completes a suck-chain by swallowing Marc’s shiny spear. Chuck’s a sloppy sucker as he gets his taste of them, smearing spit and saliva across his face and their groins. Tony beats out a cum fountain that spurts a couple feet high, and Chuck growls like a crazed bear as he blows out a convulsive load that nearly sticks to the ceiling.

Tony’s tongue hangs out when Chuck says, "I gotta piss," and lets loose a squall of tasty liquid across the guys. They’re pissing on themselves, and spraying each other until they’re soaked in suds.

Insatiable stud Chuck isn’t finished. Laying Tony and Marc down side by side, Chuck’s got the pair eagerly giving up honey sweet assholes. He rims them loose and sloppy, and then reams them tough and nasty. The guy’s fuck crazy, a real bruiser, cramming sky high loads outta the young guys' love guns before thundering his own last, agonized jizz load across the slick and sweaty fuck-bucket buddies."
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