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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-01-22 |
Gangsterfuck- A Part Time Job

GF138 - A Part Time Job (Part 1)
Davor came to the bar because someone told him that the boss there is looking for a new waiter. It was late already but he tried his luck. And although the bar was about to close the boss was still there and they started the job-interview right away. Davor had to prepare some drinks and he had to try some artistic moves with some bottles and glasses. But when he crashed a few of them the owner almost freaked out. He grabbed him to teach him a lesson.

GF141- A Part Time Job (Part 2)
The boss of the bar wants Davor to be his girl. He had to use lipsticks and dress like a woman. The strong guy acts like a madman. He tears apart the boy’s clothes and continuously gives him face-slabs. Then he grabs the boy by his head and gives him a new hairstyle. Everything must be perfect for this small perverted game. He covers the body with cream before he starts to even shave the boy’S private parts. And soon after that Davor has to suck his new master.

GF145 - A Part Time Job (Part 3)
The poor boy only wanted to get a job. But he asked the wrong person at the wrong time. He destroyed an empty glass and the upset owner totally freaked out. He undressed the boy, humiliated him and dressed him like a bar-girl. But now the situation changes. His “boss” obviously wants more. He makes him suck his dick. Deeper and harder. Then he goes for the boy’s ass. He fondles him with greedy hands. Then he starts to fuck.

GF148 - A Part Time Job (Part 4)
Hard times for a barman. After his boss undressed, punished, humiliated and tortured the unlucky guy he again starts to fuck him. A high price for just a broken glass. But what can he do. He tries to endure the procedure as good as he can. And indeed there seems to be hope. The madman who calls himself “boss” is about to shoot his load.

Tags: ~Bareback ~Fetish ~BDSM

Studio: http://www.gangsterfuck.com/

Runtime: Approx 105min
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