♺ Brutal Tops - Session 157 + Pics

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-24 |
Master Shamus Feeding his thickening penis into the sub's mouth to tongue bathe has sparked a lustful urge deep in Master Shamus which he must satisfy. Pushing the sub down onto its back he lifts its legs for easy access to it's slutty anus. One hard thrust and his monster cock pushes through james' sphincter and he's in...

Shamus takes his pleasure rough and hard, not caring for one second about the moans and complaints from the sub as his fat hard cock tears into james' arse. Flipping the sub over on the hay bale to fuck it from behind, grabbing a handful of hair to wrench it's head back, pushing even harder to penetrate deeper into it's gut, stretching this whore's hole wider than ever before, gripping an arm in a lock behind it's back for more control...

Nearing his orgasm, Shamus kneels over it's face, his first thick spurt of spunk slashing across james' lips and cheek, several more spurts directed straight down it's dirty, slutty throat, feeding the splashes of sperm on it's face back into it's mouth... Not one drop of this Top's precious nectar is to be wasted.

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