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Original upload: 2012-06-24 |
Asian Guys Video dives into the exciting, colorful play of Thai jocks while they are exercising their muscles at a well-appointed bathhouse.
A departure from their slower-paced, more sensual work, Sport Cumplex comes at the viewer at the speed more like a California flick.
The guys wear sexy, colorful gym clothes that would make any Undergear model envious. The music is upbeat.
In the first scene, two smooth jocks get frisky around a bench press machine. They are soon sucking each other's uncut dicks with their
lyrca gym jocks wrapped around their legs. Both models have toned, beautiful bodies, not boyish or lanky.
Soon one tops the other, and director Richard Jackson does a great job at filming the top's bubble butt grinding up and down onto his partner.
The top has a really nice dick that squirts out a good money shot at the scene's end. Next up, it's sodomy in the locker room. A very sexy,
toned model enters the facility and begins undressing. He is soon cruised by a smaller guy. After some nice foreplay, the small Thai gives
up his hot butt to the bigger jock. Then the bathhouse attendant joins them by literally sliding in the middle, forming a sandwich.
He gets both his holes stuffed simultaneously.
After they all cum, they play around in a nice indoor pool area that is adorned with waterfalls that cascade around their smooth bodies.
The boys leave the Cumplex giggling, commenting the amount of fun they had.
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