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BG East Wrestling Morgan Cruise vs MJ Vergara

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DescriptionRipped hunk MJ Vergara turns heads in absolutely anything he wears, but even MJ can't take his eyes off of just how sexy these baby blue tights look stretched taut across his own thick thighs and perfect ass. He cannot keep his hands off of himself, stroking his encased muscles and admiring every angle of his incredibly hot body poured so tantalizingly into the tight spandex (particularly from behind). This incredibly toned acrobat has proven repeatedly that every mouthwatering muscle is tuned with expert precision to maximize balance, flexibility, and power. He's one of our smallest competitors, but woe be the opponent who underestimates the damage this streetwise, stunningly conditioned athlete can do.

Morgan "the Mastodon" Cruise, however, has made a career out of contemptuously downplaying, then degrading the strengths of every opponent he's ever met. Aside from getting his hot, hairy ass handed to him by pro heel Lon Dumont when he first arrived, Morgan has been on a rampage through the ranks of BG East, ripping apart one wrestler after another. Built like an 80's pro wrestling heel, with the disposition of a maniacal tyrant and the unstoppable power of a mammoth mastodon, Morgan has shocked and awed much bigger and more experienced opponents. So it should come as no surprise that the king of contempt is profoundly underwhelmed when he finds 5'3", 135 pound MJ in the ring in abject lust with his own mirror image.

"You know, I've come to expect very little of the talent here," Morgan pronounces as he climbs into the ring. "I'm surprised, though. You look worse than my most pathetic opponent!" It's those tights that irk the Mastodon most. A lifelong lover of pro wrestling, Morgan takes pride in his pro style trunks, matching boots and color coordinated vest. There's a gravitas about classic gear that Morgan insists must be respected, and skin tight, baby blue spandex tights do not match the Mastodon's high standards for gear that honors the ring.

Morgan slides his massive shoulders out of his warm-up vest and hands it to MJ to hang up. "Make yourself useful, and take this elsewhere," he regally commands. Astonished by the balls on his opponent, the tattooed stud flings the vest out of the ring with his own contempt.

In a flash, Morgan attacks him from behind. Hoisting the lightweight up for a brutal suplex, the Mastodon abruptly finds the maneuver stymied by the phenomenal balance and body awareness of his acrobatic opponent.  Shifting his weight just so, MJ throws his burly opponent off balance and suddenly it's Morgan unceremoniously slammed to is back in the middle of the ring. Capoeira moves keep the Mastodon off balance, unable to keep track of where the next stunning kick is coming from. With astonishing grace and efficiency, MJ splashes down his rock hard physique squarely across Morgan's sternum, repeatedly pumping the air out of the muscle man's lungs. Morgan thought that this match would be a complete rout, but flat on his back with a 135 pound muscle stud squeezing the Mastodon's skull viciously between those gorgeous thighs in their somehow alluring blue tights, and Morgan is thinking again!

MJ Vergara and Morgan Cruise strike such stunning contrasts. MJ's tastefully tattooed, luscious mocha skin is silky smooth and aesthetically proportioned, where Morgan is pale, hairy, and built like a line backer. Where MJ's movements are hypnotically fluid, Morgan is more like a battering ram. Geared up to emphasize their contrasts, the sexy beach and gym fighter meets old school pro wrestling power, and something's got to break.

Determined to be the breaker rather than the broken, Morgan catches MJ in one too many highflying, high risk maneuvers and slams him face first into the mat. "That's some nice offense," Morgan snarls false praise. "For a dancer. Really beautiful," he spits with contempt. Scooped up like a feather in the Mastodon's arms, MJ can do nothing to defend himself from getting his lower back slammed brutally to the mat. "I'm the man who's going to sit you down and show you how much of a boy you are!" he promises the writhing, compact beauty at his feet, as he watches his geared up opponent squirm in pain.

With Morgan, it's always about respect. And those baby blue tights scream disrespect to the finely tuned ears of the Mastodon. Suddenly, the sexy stakes skyrocket as he stares down at the gorgeous lightweight muscle stud struggling to peel himself up off the mat. "I'm going to take each and every article of gear, all of your pride, off!"

This battle for gear and respect is one of the most brutal 48 minutes you'll ever see. Getting stripped is an indignity neither of these dangerous competitors is willing to concede easily, especially given the plethora of gear each seems to enjoy layering himself in.

Outweighed and outmuscled at every turn, MJ is nonetheless the fiercest, most stubborn muscle hunk ounce for ounce. Bashed in the corner, trampled underfoot, trussed up in the ropes and crushed from every angle, MJ sucks down more punishment than men twice his size could hope to endure. The last thing he is interested in giving Morgan is any respect at all, much less the tights off of his own mouthwatering body.

But tights and yes even those pro trunks are ripped off both battlers' beautiful bodies as the war to hold onto their dignity rages to a fever pitch. Both wrestlers lose their boots and about a gallon of sweat. Gear is used as a weapon, as a means of humiliation, and as a way to show the seductive power of these two hot bodies in nearly every version of raw male erotic wear: tights, boots, trunks, underwear, thongs, jockstraps, socks... But just one proud hunk manages to walk out of the ring with his gear in tow, his dignity intact, and bragging rights firmly in hand, proving definitively who reigns supreme in the BG East ring: trunks or tights!
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