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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-16 |

Director Michael Zen has put his stamp on Running Wild in true Zen-style. It stars Justin Wells, Bobby Williams, Brad Benton (fresh off his triple Grabby Award win last May), Corbin Michaels, Nick Capra, Anthony Shaw, Jason Crew and Jonathan Gabriel. The basic scenario is this in a nutshell: we follow hunky Justin Wells as he takes his daily jog and encounters (in true porn fashion) various studs along his journey - from bicyclists to delivery boys to manly cops and poor little rich boys. It's only a matter of time before Justin succumbs to his urges! (And let's face it, with a cast like this, who can blame him?). Every man gives into his fantasies, and when his hormones are raging, he's Running Wild.
Director: Michael Zen

Featuring: Anthony Shaw, Bobby Williams, Brad Benton, Corbin Michaels, Jason Crew, Jonathan Gabriel, Justin Wells, Nick Capra

DVD: Here's a crew of pros who know their stuff - and it's on display from the opening hot tub scene with Bobby Williams and Brad Benton. It's all part of the dirty dreams of Justin Wells, whose sexual slumber is brought to life (a theme Zen likes to toy with). Benton and Williams flip-fuck each other in a scene overflowing with kisses, an intense connection that maintains the excitement from beginning to end. Jason Crew and Jonathan Gabriel then take advantage of deliveryman Corbin Michaels, the best moment coming when Crew sits down on Michaels' thick shaft. (Crew's cock is a size queen's fantasy, and the behind-the-scenes bonus material shows him fucking himself with it.) Nick Capra has one of the hottest dicks around, and the shots of it bursting out of his black jockstrap into Anthony Shaw's face are amazing. Capra infuses some attitude into his scene, manhandling Shaw perfectly. The finale starts with Michaels in a cage, slurping on Wells, Capra, and Williams, as Shaw jacks in the background. The crew splits up, with Capra fucking Williams and Wells pounding Michaels before they all dump their loads. Short Review
Written by: Brady Jansen for AVN Magazine
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