♺ FJP054 - Tough Terrain (Jocks 1992)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-01-07 |
Director: Bruce Cam

1. Daemon Kelly, Taylor Ray
Daemon Kelly spies Taylor Ray and Eric Evans strolling on the beach below. They spot him and wave him down to join them. Pleased with the invitation the horny surfer crashes their private party and the three begin to play. But Eric takes off leaving Daemon and Taylor to cavort in unholy congress as the waves crash about in the background. Kissing, licking, sucking, rimming ... Daemon is quick to get Taylor all fired up making him shoot his load. Then Eric returns, Daemon splits and Taylor is ready for a second round of sexual manplay, this time with his man. Eric Evans makes up for lost time with his honey Taylor Ray and the two are quickly lip-locked and passionately groping each other. As the surf pounds along the rough and rocky shoreline, Eric sucks on Taylor's joy stick. Then they both start stroking their poles until Taylor decides to diddle with Eric's asshole. He jams a finger inside and then slams his engorged cock all the way in. The sounds of the crashing waves are soon drowned out by the lovers' grunts and groans as they fuck non-stop with piston-like fervor. Taylor plugs Eric's ass with fierce, hard thrusts until he finally busts a nut. He then collapses onto his exhausted boyfriend.
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2. Eric Evans, Taylor Ray
3. Daemon Kelly, Brad Eriksen
4. Rob Lynn, Daemon Kelly
Exhausted after his vigorous workout, Daemon tries to relax but is surprised by mischief-maker Rob Lynn. Initially startled, Daemon soon senses they're more allies than adversaries. The two jocks start playing with Rob sucking down Daemon's dick until he gets spooged in the face. Then it's Daemon's turn to fellate his new friend . He's doing a good job 'til he impishly decides to throw a bucket of water on Rob. They run bare-assed through the woods and fall into a hammock where they play grab ass again. On a sexual buzz, they hungrily eat ass, suck cock and finally fuck. Rob pummels Daemon's buttcrack driving both of them through unfettered thresholds of passion. The cum flows as Rob shoots his wad but that's not enough. He fucks Daemon again and blasts a second hefty
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5. Jason Andrews, Kip Harting
With the coastal fog beginning to roll in, Jason Andrews hits the beach for some exercise. His seaside gymnastics catches Kip Harting's eye and the two immediately hookup for a more aerobic drill. They sneak into a hidden cove where they gingerly explore each other's muscular physiques. They kiss and caress tenderly; every touch causing their cocks to stiffen more and grow fuller. The men start 69ing, sucking cock down like pros; and then take turns eating ass as the white caps rise and crash on the shore. Jason burrows his pretty prick deep into Kip's anxious hole and pumps away with the tempo of the tide. Breathing faster and faster their bodies rise and crash with each deep thrust. Kip moans with pleasure as Jason fucks his hole until his thunderous explosion of cum brings them both crashing over the brink.
found in compilation Seaside Sex
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