Pacific Sun Entertainment - Airborne

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DescriptionWhen I watch movies by Csaba Borbely I play what I call "The Pacific Sun Drinking Game", wherein every terrible subtitle, be it misspelled or grammatically incorrect, I knock back three fingers of Jack Daniels. After watching the first ten minutes of Airborne I was rolling around with my shoes on my hands pretending to be a seal.

Still, by now everyone knows my complaints about this series, but they are always outweighed by the positives – casts of beautiful uncut Europeans, great production values and amazingly hot sex. Seventeen guys on show here, many new, and some belonging to the stable for so long they are due an invitation to the glue factory. A lot look alike. Cloning in the Euro Army – the future is here!

It starts off very Top Gun. All rock guitar and stock footage of fighter jets. Cut to morning Mousketeer rollcall; I’m not even gonna start mentioning the subtitling fuck-ups. Instead look at all the gorgeous guys and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be seeing them all naked pretty soon.

Fast forward the dull training bit to the first scene where two cute recruits who didn’t manage to complete their exercises (Foster and Bauer) are made to clean the showers under the watchful eye of Sarge Giorgio. Needless to say, he barks one too many orders (nag nag nag!) and is set upon, stripped and fucked by his charges. Guess every serviceman who’s reading this knows exactly how they feel. Good old Sarge loves it really - throwing encouraging words out to Bauer and turning on Foster who is jerking off over them. I’ve seen Giorgio bottom in tons of movies and never get tired of it (but one more time might be pushing it).

Elsewhere Paxton is napping whilst guarding a small light aircraft. OK, it’s a one man miniature that couldn’t even manage crop-dusting half a field, but European armies have had their defense budgets slashed. He’s discovered by comrades Reno and Vlady, who’s attempts to awake him by conventional means fail, leading to more unconventional ones.

He’s forced on to their huge cocks (whatever happened to black coffee?) and valiantly, but not successfully, sucks all he can before they strip him and both demonstrate on him the way to do it properly. To make sure he’s fully awake they both fuck him like crazy. Fully awake he joins Reno in fucking Vlady whose fat uncut cock stays granite-hard throughout. The finale has Reno being fucked by Paxton being fucked by Vlady. This daisy chain ends with Vlady starting the inevitable tidal wave of baby-to-be batter.

Next up, Manzel is accused of sloppy work by superiors Wels (who’s gotten chunky since his last flick) and Felder. Manzel is fucked by both as punishment before Wels uses his experienced lips to finish both off, pumping their loads onto his great hairy chest. He’s shooting moments later. All this happens in the back of a personnel transport helicopter. Impressive, where did they get it? Maybe the Russkies were having a yard sale?

Nightime is here and our recruits are all sleeping. I’m guessing it’s hot because no-one’s under the covers. Baldwin awakes and finds gay porn under another recruit's pillow. Pretty soon he’s jacking off both to it and his sexy sleeping roommates. After he cums, he sneaks away, so as not to disturb them. Just in time too, because horny commanders Antonelli and Luchini burst in and make the recruits' night much more interesting.

Luchini discovers the porn belonging to Magera – busted! And you guessed it, within seconds everyone is naked. Squad bullies Bosco and Ryan force Stewart to go down on them both whilst ultrasexgod Laurel bottoms for the troops, and everything just gets way too filthy and complicated for me to give you an honest account of (I’d put the pen down and picked up another part of my body during the foreshadowing.) Luchini is the killjoy who cums first setting off a chain reaction of hot man-porridge that finishes this amazing scene. I couldn’t focus after watching this.
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