♺ Spanking - No Way Out - Rawhide Birching

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-01 |
This CP sub fucker was instructed by the top this morning to go out to some local woods and choose a selection of fresh birch twigs for use on a surprise visitor later that day. No surprise when the mystery visitor doesn’t turn up and the top happily informs the sub that they are to be used on him. The top sets about administering a gruelling beating with his new toys, three firm but pliable switches from the local woods. The sub is shocked by the pain as they rain down on his bare arse, swishing through the air and landing with a crack. On come the screams, begging and pleas for mercy – all of which are, in true No Way Out style - ignored. Alternating between use of a single birch and then three at once, the top has a great time punishing his victim who pleads “they weren’t for me”. They are now. Gullible fuckers are first in line for a good, hard beating. Pretty harsh stuff - watch out for the splintering switches and the flying sap.
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