Jock Physical - Juan Dadek

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DescriptionJuan Dadek is at the office today for his new patient exam as it has been over 4 years since his last complete examination. Behind dark rimmed glasses, Juan came across as a very intelligent young man as we discussed his medical history and his past involvement in athletics.
I had Juan disrobe to his briefs and observed that he is in extremely good shape, with a very tight and athletic body. Juan is naturally smooth although his pubic hair is left in it's natural state, spreading somewhat wildly beyond the triangle you would see in a male that trims his pubic region. I observed Juan tugging at his briefs as I was examining his torso, a sign that perhaps he would be more comfortable to continue his exam completely disrobed. After removing his underwear, he seemed much more comfortable as his 8 inch penis was slowly engorging with fluid.

Juan's exam was fairly uneventful as I listened to his heart and palpated his chest and abdominal region. He was perfectly at ease as I had him spread his legs further apart to examine his pubic region in greater detail. I was surprised to see such a large scrotum on this young man, so I knew a detailed testicular exam would be necessary. I observed a rather tight urethral opening on Juan, indicating that further exploration of that region would be necessary at some point. After an extensive genital exam, I had Juan stand to review the procedure for self examination of his rather large scrotum.

Juan was completely relaxed during his first prostate exam. He moaned a bit as I massaged his prostate in preparation of getting a good sample of seminal fluid during his urethral exam. My earlier observation of Juan's tight urethral opening proved true as I slowly pushed the urethral swab deeper into his penis indicating that perhaps he would be needing further exploration of this area. Pushing the swab deeper into his penis caused Juan to smile a bit. Perhaps Juan's urethra was coated with fluid from his extensive prostate exam, so pushing the swab deeply inside of him actually produced a sense of pleasure. This was an indication that Juan would be an ideal patient for a urethral sounding.

As I prepared the instrument for entry into his urethra, Juan said, "How much is this going to hurt"? To alleviate any concern for discomfort, I lubricated the urethral sound generously and squeezed the tip of his penis carefully as I inserted the instrument. Juan was very comfortable during the procedure and continued to moan in pleasure as I slowly guided the instrument deeper inside. After several minutes of gliding the instrument up and down his urethra, I pulled out the sound to add more lubricant. Juan moaned in ecstasy again as the re-inserted instrument slowly glided up and down inside of him. At this point I gently squeezed each of his nipples, employing a technique for further relaxing a patient during this procedure. Once again, Juan reacted with a moan of pleasure.

Once the sounding was completed, I told Juan I would be requiring a semen sample from him to complete his examination. The intensity of the procedures done earlier today caused this young man to produce a very large amount of semen. Juan reached for the collection dish just a little bit late, causing the generous explosion of fluid to ooze along his shaft and collect in the bushy pubic hair above his genitalia. I readily scooped up his output with an instrument placing it carefully into the collection dish for the completion of his examination.
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