13200-40 Happy Birthday with Michele

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DescriptionSlave Helmut is impatient. Today is his birthday. But Michele, his Master is still laying on the couch and sleeps. Might he have forgotten his slave‘s birthday?

Since today it‘s his great day, Helmut presumes to do something he would never dare to do another time. He goes right into the living room and wakens his Master. Michele is kind of displeased. But at first he refrains from punishing his slave, since it‘s his birthday.

Helmut‘s birthday presents are embedded in a big glass. Inside you can find many slips of paper - actually these are vouchers. Helmut has written on each of  them what kind of punishments he would like to receive.

The game can begin. The first note is unfolded. “Slaps in the face“, Master Michele reads out and promptly it starts. Teasingly, he uses his hands to slap his slave right in the face. The slave has to spin on a small wheel. It stops at number 6. This means: six hard slaps in the face. The victim has to count them. Since Helmut miscounts, Master Michele slaps him much more than only six times. He crumbles up the voucher and stuffs it right into the slave‘s mouth. 

Next up for some trampling and licking sneakers. Helmut enjoys being treated like by his young Master. However, Master Michele wants to have some fun as well - but this only happens when he can torture his slave extremely. Master Michele knows that Helmut is very sensitive when it comes to hand-trampling. And that‘s why he really enjoys torturing him in this way. He twists and turns his feet on the back of Helmut‘s hand, like he would stub out a cigarette. 

Slave Helmut unfolds the next note. “Watching how the Master makes a workout“, is written on it. Master Michele sits on the gym machine to harden his muscles. Helmut gets the task to kiss and lick his Master‘s sneakers, while Michele is training. Since the slave starts asking stupid questions in between, he gets punished with some face slaps. But it gets even more painful, when the Master punches his birthday slave. But there is still more to come: Part of the torture-programme is also to torment his nipples. The birthday whimpers. “Actually I thought that it wouldn’t end up so hard and cruel.“ But if your Master‘s name is Michele you should be aware of the fact that he doesn‘t know the word “soft“.

On one of Slave Helmut‘s small wish lists you can also find the word “spit“. Master Michele doesn‘t hesitate and starts filling his slave up with lots of spit and snot - sometimes even from deep down his lungs. Afterwards another wish of Helmut comes true. He can serve as a pony. Master Michele uses his leather belt as reins. In the end of the video, the Master even finds another use for the belt. He grabs it in his hands and whips his slave with it. The reason for this punishment? Slave Helmut should never dare again to waken his Master - even when it is his birthday.     


As soon as Master Michele starts tormenting and humiliating a slave, you see a sparkling in his eyes. You can really see how much fun it is for him to make his victim suffer. Especially, it is his unpredictability which many slaves love or fear. Master Michele‘s victims always have to be prepared for everything. First, you see him smiling friendly, but this can also mean that only one second later he smacks or kicks you hard.
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