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Alexander Garrett, Angelo Marconi, Ben Brown, Bruno Knight, Jason Michaels, Jay Roberts, Parker Perry

Monster cocks are busting out again in a super-sexed ruckus whereRaging Stallion's 'Nasty Fuckers' get down and dirty! They're rough,they're tough and they'll knock your socks off, delivering their massivemeat in all the right places. Scene after scene of rough and ruggedplay -- given and received by big-cocked studs who like their sex onthe raunchy side -- is what you get with this cast of 'Nasty Fuckers'.

Jason Michaels, Bruno Knight
Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy, and Jason iseager to go along for the ride with his hairy English 'dad'. Like twobeasts pawing at each other, they devour each other in a hungry kiss.Bruno reaches down to fondle Jason's fuzzy balls, then slides hishand between his partner's legs to play with his hairy ass-crack.Jason buries his face in Bruno's thick chest fur and brushes Brunowith his own whiskers as he slides his mouth down to Bruno's crotch.Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno's massive meat like a good lad.Bruno's in charge as he calls all the shots making sure Jason's doingthe job right. Jason plays along, but also takes some control of hisown by smothering Bruno's face with his ass, making the big guy eatit out. Bruno attacks Jason's tight puckered hole with a vengeancelicking, spitting and tongue-fucking him the way you want it done! Theexcitement builds and it's not long before Jason is face down -- Brunodelivering his stiff cock deep. Bruno is aggressive and playfully brutaland Jason's loving every bit of it. They finish themselves off by theirown clenched fists, shooting off two explosives blasts of cum.

Ben Brown, Bruno Knight
With the cards stacked against him and nothing left to wager, BenBrown folds and yields his ass to the Bruno Knight. Bruno'smischievous grin signals something menacing and exciting is about tohappen and wide-eyed Ben is in for an adventure. Bruno teases hiswilling victim, licking and nibbling the young stud's face and neck totaste the salty sweetness of his skin. Being skillfully manhandledrenders Ben so horny that he can't wait to suck Bruno's cock. Hestretches his lips wide apart to engulf his stiff uncut pole, getting in asmany licks as he can. Then he gets on his knees so Bruno can eatout his manhole. Bruno then fucks Ben's ass, working himself in asfar deep as he can. He pounds then slows it down and thenjackhammers again. Ben is writing in pleasure with every poke andjab, then flips onto his back and starts beating his meat while stillgetting plugged hard and fast. Then Bruno pulls out, jacks himself offand cums with Ben unloading right after.

Alexander Garrett, Angelo Marconi
After Alexander Garrett exchanges fiery kisses with Angelo Marconi,he gets down to guzzle Angelo's hard cock. The action is carnal andexhilarating, and the tension amps up when Angelo takes his turn tosuck Alexander's huge meat. He deep throats his man's extra widethrobber making him grit his teeth and choke with pleasure. Alexanderstretches his foreskin from around his dickhead letting Angelo sink histongue inside the folds and lick it clean. Hungry to feed more himself,Alexander takes charge and rims Angelo's ass. His tongue slides upand down and all around the crack and he jams a finger inside, all toprep the hole for his big dick. Holding onto Angelo's neck and hips orgrabbing his wrists, Alexander keeps his partner in position as herams himself in hard and fast. Both men are quickly sweating bulletsas they fuck nonstop. Angelo is soon on his back stroking his cockuntil he unloads a creamy blast. Alexander withdraws and beatshimself off right into Angelo's mouth!

Parker Perry, Jay Roberts
Lip-locked and sporting humongous boners, Jay Roberts and ParkerPerry work each other over as they grapple and grope. Parker gets onhis knees and opens wide to consume Jay's uncut prick, sucking it indeep and chewing on the fleshy foreskin. Jay throws Parker down,determined to show his partner a wilder side. He begins fellatingParker's major league meat aggressively then chows on his hairy asswith licks and slurps so aggressive that the poor guy's quivering withexcitement. Then Jay fucks Parker fast and furious like a well-oiledmachine. And whether he's getting sucked or getting fucked, all Perrycan do is moan and groan, begging for more. They continue fuckingwith Parker riding Jay's cock and jerking off. After he shoots, he jumpsoff and watches Jay pump out his load all over. The studs end thescene just as they began, locked at the lips and ready for more.

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