Bearfilms - Grease Monkeys Bears (Full Film)

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Description"Nine blue-collar bear-studs are hard at work and lube isn't the only thing they're dripping. These furry fuckers know how to go deep under the hood, pump 'em up, and leave customers with a smile on their face!

It's a slow day at the garage, and Rusty McMann is goofing off again. When the boss, Glenn Bear, catches Rusty on the security monitor, he calls the younger bear into his office to ream him out good. Rusty soon gets put to work fucking his boss's tight hole and before long fires a nice load- right into his boss' waiting mouth!

John stops by the garage for a tune up, but when Harley 'accidentally' spills oil all over John's pants he has no choice but to get those dirty clothes off him! These two bears just can't get enough of each other's pierced dicks, heavy balls, and tight asses. John even uses some of that oil to get both men nice and slippery before splattering Harley's back with his thick jism.

Carter wants to use the bathroom at the garage, but he gets more than he bargained for when Eric slips in behind him! Quickly stripping Carter down to his jock strap, Eric eats the young bear's ass before slipping a finger deep into his chasm. Loosened up and begging for it, Carter takes Eric hard and fast bent over the toilet. Not wanting to miss out on the fun himself, Eric spins the little cub around and bends over for him- and Carter is only too happy to give this grease monkey bear just what he wants!

While everyone else is 'busy' TP decides to slip off to a secluded part of the garage for a little fun of his own. You won't want to miss a minute as this hot bear pleasures himself with whatever is handy: his fingers, a screwdriver, the handle of a hammer, and a dildo mounted on a power drill!

Anthony finally makes it to the garage, but it's after 6 and the only way he's getting his truck looked at is to give Kit what he wants: his sweet, furry ass! Kit pounds Anthony all over the garage and before long, they've attracted a crowd. The fur really flies when all four of these studs start going to town on each other! You won't want to miss this amazing orgy finale that gives new meaning to the term customer service!"
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