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Muscle Showcase 53 - Patrick Ryan

This is a vintage Muscle Showcase. I do not know exactly what year it was 1st released, but I'm guessing sometime in the 80's.

From the discription:

"Patrick is a very well defined bodybuilder. He has that tight and cut-up type of gymnast body that is so admired. Baseball biceps, cute little butt, nicely defined pecs, washboard abs. Delectable! The Magic Hands get to do their thing on all of Patrick’s beautiful muscles and other things with and without oil. Patrick poses in different kinds of gear, and afterwards he showers and dresses."

I first saw Patrick wrestling with another hottie J.T. Easton. Now that's a HOT naked wrestling match! Both pretty equal and both endup worshipping the other. Patrick also did a wrestle with Dino Phillips. And in that one he is pretty much controlled by Dino. At the end they get naked and jack-off together. His only other match that I could find is with Buddy Justice. That's a "Private Punishment" session with Buddy just whipping the poor Patrick all around. Still in all 3 his body is very much on display and is mighty fine. IMHO.
They have a new web site featuring clips from a lot (not all) of the older wrestling / muscle showcase videos. Some clips are for sale, others are offered as full videos and your directed to the old web site to purchase the videos. I've found the 3 wrestling videos with Patrick and I'm in love with the boy and his body, so I broke down and bought his muscle showcase clip. And wanted to share it here 1st! And at this point all I really have to say about Patrick is ..... "Hmmm.... I wonder where he is today? And what I wouldn't do to get my hands on him now!"

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