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[Roped Studs] Neill - Parts 1 to 3

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DescriptionPart1 Neill is a very beautiful muscle boy, his body chiseled from hundreds of hours in the gym. Even better, he¡¯s straight and from the wrong side of the tracks. His cheap ¡°sexy underwear,¡± Great Clips haircut, obsessive manscaping, and propensity for skin-tight wife-beaters charm us. His teeth are polished, but his family clearly never had the money for braces. For a few bucks he¡¯s agreed to ¡°model,¡± spread-out on an X-cross, flat on his back, tied at the wrists and ankles. He doesn¡¯t quite know how to react when our rope guy J.J. starts massaging his amazing muscles, then rips his wife-beater to shreds. What a bod! Lean, cut, totally smooth, like a Greek god. Now let¡¯s see how those muscles respond to a good whipping.
Part 2 Rope man J.J., in his hooded sweatshirt and jeans, is enjoying nearly naked muscle boy Neill, caressing his muscles and stroking his cock through those embarrassingly small undies. What the fuck, let¡¯s cut those things off! Sure enough, straight-lifter Neill, besides having gay-boy undies, a gay-boy haircut and a gay-boy gym-body, also has gay-boy trimmed pubes! His gorgeous muscles look so good stretched and flexing, his already lean stomach sucked in, his thighs and biceps bulging. He sure doesn¡¯t like it when we wrap the base of his cock and ball with loop after loop of twine. And he really hates it with we yank the rope, literally lifting him off the ground by his balls. When we tie the rope off forcing him to arch his back painfully or lose his balls, all he can do is cry in disbelief. It¡¯s going take every bit of his strength to keep his back up.
Part 3 We loved Neill spread-eagled on the floor, his pecs spread wide, his stomach sucked in. We like him even better tied to a stool, sitting on his ass, those amazing abs, pecs, arms and legs flexed instead of stretched. His juicy cock and balls look so good framed by those massive thighs. This is one fucking hot man ¨C and he is all ours. At first, we keep his arms down, tied to the stool, to show off those abs. But, damn, he looks even better with his arms up, that amazing body squirming and flexing. He¡¯s like a living sculpture of David, tied-up in our dungeon.
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