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Psychodealer - gangsterfuck.com

Part 1:
Hannibal is still waiting for money from Randy. When he meets him in the Metro he grabs him and takes him to the next ATM. But Randy is broke as always. Hannibal takes him home, ties him and fixes a cone inside his mouth. He funnels a whole lot of water into his mouth. Then he undresses him piece by piece before he starts to spank him. Finally he has to give him a good blowjob.

Part 2:
Hannibal drags Randy downstairs into his private torture-chamber. The naked boy gets chained to the floor and ceiling. Then he gets a good flogging. First with the whip and later with the paddle. Randy wants to cry but only groan and spit come out of his gagged mouth. Then his whole body gets painfully decorated with clamps. And this was just the beginning.

Part 3:
Randy gets fixed to the wheel and his cock is bound with a rope. Hannibal shows no mercy and turns the wheel so heavy that Randy almost needs to puke. And has to suck his tormentor many times. Then Randy gets fixed to the pillory. Gagged with his own socks he only moans and groans when he is forced to fuck himself with the dildo while he even gets filmed by Hannibal..

Part 4:
Now the pathetic weed-head gets bare-back fucked. Hannibal licks the whole face with his wet tongue and he deeply penetrates the cherry with his rock-hard dick. Randy´s face is wreathing in pain. Then Randy has to suck the sperm from the cock. Packed with clingfilm Hannibal puts the boy into the bathtub and turns on the water before he leaves his helpless victim.

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