♺ Grey Rose - JC Carter's Sex Tape (2008)

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Original upload: 2011-08-27 |
Starring J.C. Carter, Michael, Taylor Highwood and Lance.

Directed by Thornton Grey.

Genres: Blowjob, Gays, Black, Tattoo, Big Cock, Anal, Rimming

"In JC Carter's Sex Tape, sexually insatiable JC comments on the sexy times he had and heard about while visiting the Washington DC area. JC relives each throat gagging and ass pounding moment in this all black sexfest! First, JC meets well-hung top Michael who demonstrates his ample abilities! Then, Taylor Highwood does an all-oral, mouth-watering scene with Michael. Next, Lance is just the guy to give Taylor more of what he craves! The two go back and forth sucking and rimming. It becomes a contest as to who can swallow the other's pipe the best but in the end it's Taylor proving his mouth is made to bring a man to his knees! Then, JC shows his ass again, and Lance is eager to oblige and once again JC's ass is rimmed and pounded by yet another big dick! Finally, JC calls Michael back to get more of this stud's thick black rod and creamy load!"
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