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♺ BgEast Wrestling: X Fights 6

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-10-07 |
Jason Ward vs. Deke

First-to-Cum Loses Match

"The first to spew loses" challenges jockstrap-clad Deke as he faces Jason in the BG blue room. Between Jason's bountiful buns and Deke's huge hard-on, this sexual challenge is an eye-full from start to finish. Jason knows all the right buttons to push, and Deke tries to weaken Jason by getting him hard too. Ten minutes into the match and it's off with the jocks. At a strategic moment Jason brings out a jar of grease to help him in the sexual war. Deke's libido is soon out of control. He's panting, he's close, but at the last second he reverses and tries to bring Jason close. It's a back and forth erotic battle with a gushing frenzy of a finish.

Kid Leopard vs. Kevin West

Kevin's Quest

Kevin West fantasized about wrestling Kid Leopard, and his long letter and picture piqued KL's interest. When the two finally met on the west coast, his interest went way up-�you couldn't help but notice. Kevin armbarred, hammerlocked, scissored and nelson the distracted stud-star for 6 full minutes before he snapped out of it. Look out! KL subjects Kevin to 10 consecutive submissions, each more painful as Kevin eggs him on to be more forceful! From wrestling toy to sexual toy, Kevin soon gets stripped and has his humpy butt showed off. The leopard achieves his now-legendary climax without touching his cock! Submissions galore and more!

Kid Leopard vs. Sonny Boudroux

Sonny Days for the Dark Master

Ripped in tattered tight white levi's, Sonny was a special request opponent from KL, who wanted to see some of this exotic dancer's 'moves'. They slowly strip each other, leather and levis falling to the ground until they are in shorts and then thongs. Sonny's amply filled pink thong is a wonder to behold. Kid Leopard alternately caresses the amazingly defined muscularity, then maneuvers his opponent into a painful submission. Hunky Sonny becomes yet KL opponent trapped in his own fantasies and is soon a plaything for the Leopard's endless submission domination. Over 12 submissions later, Sonny is put in a sexy sleeper, only to awake with KL juicing and get put out again! The Master!
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