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Dragon Media - Joe Gage Sex Files 05 - The Night Before the Wedding

CategoryDaddies / Sons
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Description“Joe Gage Sex Files Vol. #5: The Night Before the Wedding”

(Dragon Media Corporation)

Web: http://www.RayDragonVideo.com
Web: http://www.JoeGage.com

Director: Joe Gage a.k.a. Mac Larson ( http://JoeGage.com )


Colby Keller ( http://bigshoediaries.blogspot.com )
Charlie Shaye
Mike Dreyden ( http://mikedreyden.blogspot.com )
Josh Gingerson
Jeyani O
Bryan Slater ( http://www.BryanSlaterXXX.com )
Max Sinclair ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/s/i_stars/Sinclair_Max )
Tony Bay
Jayden Brooks
Les Hendrix

“Joe Gage Sex Files Vol. #5: The Night Before the Wedding” is for anyone who has ever sat at a straight wedding and bemoaned the fact that we gays can’t get legally married. Oh, who am I kidding — its for anyone who has ever been to a straight wedding and wanted to bone the groom. Ace director Joe Gage takes that fantasy and riffs on it for three different scenes.

Yarmulke-sporting Mike Dreyden and lanky stud Josh Gingerson get things off to a very intriguing and hot start in the opening scene, set in a bar. Josh literally towers Mike — so the sexual dominance he wields in the scene is also tinged with a bit of physical menace. But Josh certainly means Mike no harm, and the way he handles and sucks the stud’s dick is anything but menacing. However, when Josh’s big slab of man steak appears, once again the physical becomes a factor. Mike does a stupendous job of sucking Josh’s pole, and after Josh eats out his furry butt, Mike takes Josh’s meat from behind in a slamming fuck scene. At the end, Josh blasts a big load all over himself, and Mike cranks out one of his own, all without ever having taken off his white dress shirt.

Next, bearded Colby Keller meets up with Jayden Brooks and Max Sinclair to have a dick-measuring contest. For my money, Colby will always win, but thereÂ’s nothing wrong with any of these guysÂ’ dicks. And it sure doesnÂ’t hurt that ColbyÂ’s cock outline is clearly visible through his jock when he drops his pants. After a mutual three-way grope, Jayden drops and sucks both Colby and Max, and later, Colby slowly drives his thick cock into Jayden missionary. The fuck picks up speed and intensity as it goes on, and as heÂ’s pounding away, Colby tells Max that heÂ’s next. Indeed he is, taking it doggy from Colby. The scene ends much as it began, with the three studs lined up and jacking off.

The last scene, an orgy with Les Hendrix (as the groom) and five of his bachelor party guests (Jayden, Bryan Slater, Jeyani O, Charlie Shaye and Tony Bay) starts off as a total snooze of a bachelor party turns a lot more interesting while the studs wait for more beer to arrive. Get a bunch of horny guys in a room together fondling their crotches and talking about pussy and soon you have a whole lot of insistent erections that need attention — and here, the dudes take care of business with hand and blowjobs all around. The scene culminates with cum in hairy crotches, delivered into waiting mouths, and flying everywhere. There is not a dry dick left in the room when it’s over. Who needs beer when you have that much cum to drink?

DVD features: Chapters; widescreen; trailers (“The Dragon Files: In the Basement,” “Jock Park,” “The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty,” “Dad Takes a Fishing Trip,” “Jonny’s Place,” “Dickflix Party,” “Big Blue: In the Boiler Room,” “Whiplash,” Closed Set: Oral Report” and “The Best of Old Reliable: Volume 1?); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
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