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"Fucked" seems like the most natural title possible for porn, no? Ah, but director John Travis and writer Chad Donovan know that word has a few spins. It's not just about anal penetration (though there is a lot of that here and it's all sublime). Instead, they decide to take us on a mind-bending journey into what it means to be fucked in many different ways.

Rod Daily is in a mental institution. He has apparently lost touch with most of reality. The opening shots show him shaking on a sofa, in fetal position, sucking his thumb. I say most of reality, because it looks like Rod has been to the gym lately. Anyway, his shrink has decided to do "memory regression therapy" to figure out what has Rod so zonked. So, when it comes time to administer the drug, Dr. Park Wiley has taken the opposite of the drug as well, so that he can see exactly what is going on in Rod's mind. Where the hell has this drug been? Think of the money drug addicts could have saved all this time if they knew they could have shared!

After a flood of memory pieces, solid action comes back to Rod's mind. He is in a dingy room with a bed and two guys. Rod, outrageously beautiful, with tattoos and a handsome face that belongs on that perfect body, sucks Ross Stuart, a tall chiseled guy, who in turn blows Franco Santoro, a ripped beefcake with a very intense look. Ross' blowjob is particularly hedonistic, the kind where the sucker forgets to breathe because it takes too much focus away from the job. So far, there is nothing here to cause a crashed mind, just thrilling sex with everyone happily participating. Blond-tinted Rod sits on Franco's face to get a bit of ass-licking while Ross continues to chow down on Franco's huge uncut dick. Just the oral action so far gets Ross to cum. Franco and Rod move into a showdown of beauties when they 69 each other. They don't come much better looking than Rod Daily, especially not with a face full of cock. Franco begins to dig into Rod's ass with a nasty finger and once he has it appropriately lubed, he fucks Rod. The top is quiet only vocally, for his fuck is crashing and potent. The intensity he's displayed so far turns into complete focus here and his positions show just how determined he is to give his bottom the best fuck possible. As if this scene hasn't been ideal enough, these two flip-flop and Rod turns into a hungry ferocious top. He starts at Franco sideways, using a great amount of strength but never breaking a sweat. He moves to missionary where he casually hangs onto his hip with one hand while smashing into Franco at full force until Franco cums in the middle of it. Rod lands a big shot all over Franco's clenched abs.

Sometime later, our pageant-worthy Rod wakes up in a cage. Ross explains that since he and Franco had so much fun, they have decided to hang onto him, "kind of like a dog." Franco even gives him a meal in a doggie dish. Needless to say, Rod isn't happy. However, he isn't the only pet in the joint. Ross and Franco also have Jason Crew in their possession. Franco has a special treat for him when he pisses all over the bright-eyed brunet.

This hangout has more than just a few cages. There are a lot of guys present. Strapping C.J. Madison is whipping Dallas Adams, tied to a cross. Rugged gorgeous Adam Faust is playing with eager Tony Bishop, and of course Franco and Ross have their plaything Jason. Preppy Dallas has a muscular bubble-butt that looks sensational being whipped, but then again Jason looks hot being fucked by Ross and choked by Franco's dick. It's rare that Jason Crew isn't the highlight top of a scene, so bottoming for a ton of power like Ross is a nice treat. As one can imagine, Rod is suddenly less afraid of this place, because though bug-eyed, he's also stroking his hard cock as he watches from his perch in the cage.

Dallas seems delighted with the gently flogging from impeccably lean C.J., who looks definitive in leather chaps. Adam sports most of the hair in the room, from his face on down, and he smiles as Tony, pointing a hairy butt to the camera, sucks him with determination. The scene has tons of eager heroes already, but Jason in the middle of power team Ross and Franco has to be the hardest worker. He is given ample competition by fearless Tony on Adam's cock and Dallas taking every swat from C.J. The action moves hither and yon among the three sexual fantasies in the room as Rod watches. If he's a sexually vanilla boy, he's getting a grand education, and his dick never loses hardness.

C.J. turns from slamming Dallas' ass into redness to treating it with a delicious rimjob, massaging right at the hole with his fingers and tongue. Adam does the same to his butt-boy Tony, though his is more of a nasty tongue and finger-fuck. As for the trio, Jason Crew is released from being double teamed so he can fuck Franco. He does it with his insane fiery spirit intact, and though he's much smaller than Franco, he pushes him all over the mat as he fucks him. Franco even has a bit of trouble keeping his tongue up Ross' ass because Jason pushes him around.

The action so far has been randy, but it gets downright dirty when Adam crams an enormous dildo into little Tony's ass and C.J. gets four fingers into Dallas. Both bottoms handle the anal intrusions spectacularly. To watch Tony take the entire long dildo is quite something. Adam is just the guy to do such dildo work, pushing his bottom to the limits while cooing over Tony's ability to take it.

When C.J. tops Dallas, he commands Dallas to work backwards on it, keeping his bottom active until he's ready to sprint into fury. Combined with Jason a few feet away, we now have two sterling fucks in the midst, and two bottoms who can take just about anything. Strong C.J. does have a scary thick cock, scary to everyone but Dallas, who swallows it whole. Oh, and on that account, no one is beating Tony. He still doesn't have live cock to take, but Adam keeps at him with an increasingly large set of toys, all of which he can take to amazing depth. Since the performers all have to keep things spicy in this unique scene, they keep changing positions to keep it hot. C.J. fucks Dallas downward with Dallas bent in half and looking up at the dick stretching his hole. Adam still has the incredibly big dildo in Tony, who then growls as Adam drips fresh candle wax onto his hairy chest. Tony never breaks eye contact with his master Adam, proving himself to be the guy in all of this who gets the mood the best. As for the trio, they mutate into Ross riding Franco while sucking Jason. Ross and Franco have been around since the beginning of the movie and have not achieved total versatility.

C.J. had toyed with a fist in Dallas' ass, but it never got that far. It does with Tony, who allows Adam to glove up and slide in. It couldn't happen to a hotter ass. Not only that, but Tony remains completely hard the whole time, almost on the verge of popping from the look on his face. Adam takes his time getting in, pushing harder and harder to make it all fit, but of course it does, as Tony roars but refuses to call "uncle." What a picture he is: his ass covered in lube, his chest in wax, trying not to wince as Adam jams a big paw into his teeny tiny bum. As Tony moves a bit so he can sit on the fist, I realized that the rest of the action has ceased for a bit (it's still audibly there, but not shown). That's a great decision on director John Travis' part because this is such a special moment that it deserves its solo time, if just for a few minutes.

As I said, the action hasn't stopped anywhere else. Franco is now bouncing on Ross, with Jason cramming his long dick down Ross' throat. Jason sprinkles a giant load on Ross' chest, causing Ross to cum on Franco's back immediately. Tony, returning to dildo action after doing squats on Adam's hand, cums from his tattooed cock in a shot that puts more on his chest than all of the candles. C.J. tosses a huge whopper on Dallas, Adam on Tony's boot and Franco on Ross' crotch. That leaves Dallas to finish last.

No it doesn't. After witnessing all of that, caged Rod still has to finish. Just as he finishes his caged time, we're back in the doctor's office where Park is braying from all he's seen. Now alert, Rod decides to take his revenge on Park for making him relive that experience and the two get naked so Park can blow Rod. Released from the darkness of the dungeon, Rod looks even hotter (if possible), all toned and tanned in the light as Park spits and chases with one of his always-energetic blowjobs. He then lets his tongue loose on Rod's ass, spreading the tight muscular cheeks and digging in with might, no doubt egged on by the 69 blowjob he's getting from Rod. Park fucks Rod, bent over a chair and ready to take a fine pounding. The mood here is deliberately different from what Rod has been through before, but the same sizzle remains and Park does excellent work with Rod's sumptuous butt. Park then sits himself on Rod's dick and wait until you see him bounce. He moves a full foot in the air (of course, Rod's cock is nearly a foot, so it's the full length of it, and I think then some) with every sprint up and goes down to Rod's balls with every greedy trip down. Now that is really getting fucked! As if the insane bouncing weren't enough, Rod gets Park missionary so he can unload any remaining energy he has after appearing in every scene of the flick. Apparently, he's far from finished and gives Park a tight fast-paced rabbit fuck that causes Park to shoot. Elegant Rod doesn't bother to finish, instead snapping at Park, "now you're fucked, exactly like me!"

I'll tell you something, I have one qualm with "Fucked," and only one. How does witnessing phenomenal sexual action turn someone into a quivering mass? It certainly didn't have that effect on me. Quivering, yes, but not in the same way as regressing Rod. But, the plot is the plot and it's only a springboard for glossy steamy John Travis sex. The main orgy scene is brilliantly handled, with the players getting the attention they each deserve, even if Tony Bishop steals the entire marathon scene from everyone. He has great competition in Rod Daily, who is every inch the glamorous porn star. Personally, I don't feel fucked at all after watching "Fucked." Exhilarated, sure. Delighted, absolutely. But fucked, in any sense of the word we are presented with here, definitely not.

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