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DescriptionStarring: Tod Parker, Ray Dragon, Lane Fuller, Jake Gianelli, Chase Hunter, Marcus Iron, Alex LeMonde, Trey Rexx, Rob Romoni, Dave Angelo, Matt Colmar and Adam Dexter.

Directed by John Rutherford.

In "Reload," director John Rutherford clearly brings back into focus what it means to be a COLT Man with one of the best productions of his career. Throughout, he juxtaposes the wonderful imagery of classic COLT men with present-day performers, a clever way of bridging the classic and modern eras. These images, black-and-white photos and charcoal drawings, appear at the start of each scene.

The first such image morphs into Alex LeMonde and Marcus Iron. Alex is a statuesque hunk with a long, powerful dick and a supermodel-handsome face. Marcus is a muscular bundle of sexual energy with a thick cock and a beautiful butt. They kiss and caress before gorging on cock, the cocksucking is truly sensual with lots of deep-throating. Alex then slams a powerful fuck into Marcus in a variety of positions -- sit, missionary and doggy -- on and around some rather sturdy wicker furniture. As Marcus fingers his hole, Alex pops a load that lands on Marcus, and Marcus brings himself off as Alex watches and grins.

Following the image morphing, Tod Parker, Jake Gianelli and Trey Rexx are already going at it on a big chaise lounge, poolside, in the hot midday sun. Tod is a strawberry-blond bombshell with a furry chest and a furry ass that has to be seen to be believed (he's the cover model). Jake is a tanned bodybuilder with muscles everywhere and a huge cock with a wide base. Trey is a smooth blond with muscles galore and long pink dick. Trey dutifully sucks Tod as Jake sucks him below (Tod is straddling the chaise lounge with his sensational ass facing Jake). Trey, still sucking Tod, nimbly pulls Tod's fluffy cheeks apart to reveal a shiny pink hole. Jake, eyeing the prize, stops sucking Trey and lunges forward to get a taste of Tod's hole. Tod then sits on Jake's face as Trey sucks Jake's dick below. Jake and Tod then take turns doggy-fucking the stuffing out of Trey's muscular ass, sweat dripping off their chins as they plow away (exceptional under-the-ass camerawork captures Trey's pummeling). Tod and Jake shoot almost simultaneously, and Trey soon follows.

Standing on a sunlit porch with nothing on but a big smile, Adam Dexter makes it abundantly clear that he's not your average afternoon delight. He is a stunningly handsome and well-built black man with muscles so big, smooth and defined that it's truly hard to believe he's real. He rubs all over his oiled body, all the while smiling, and then reaches for his curvy member to give it a few strokes to full hardness. He continues, smiling and jerking, until gobs and gobs of cum spurt out like a volcano.

A classic image of Ray Dragon morphs into Ray Dragon 2003. He hasn't lost one iota of his sexiness. Not one bit. He leads an orgy that captures the goings-on both poolside and underwater. Along with furry daddy Ray, there's Marcus Iron; Rob Romoni, a muscular brunet; Dave Angelo, a fair-skinned muscle stud with an uncut dong; and goateed Matt Colmar, the smallest, stature-wise, of the group, but no less able. The men spend a great deal of time trading blows and rims poolside, everyone participating with equal skill and enthusiasm (there is a great sequence where Matt really digs in, rimming Ray's extra-hairy buttcrack like a dog in heat). The sucking and rimming leads to fucking, of course: Marcus fucks Matt from behind as he braces himself against a stucco wall, then Ray fucks Rob, really ramming him but good. While most of the sex happens poolside, there are some sequences, Marcus and Rob flip-flopping, for example, that take place underwater. And the underwater cum-shots really look neat -- the cum explodes and floats through the water in unusual patterns.

Blond muscle daddy Chase Hunter and blond pretty-guy Lane Fuller, much like the first scene with Marcus and Alex, have a sensual one-on-one. Lots of foreplay with kissing and warm touches leading to the trading of blows, and it is here that Lane shows off his considerable technique with regard to sucking a huge dick. He devours Chase's gigantic prick with every swallow. Chase gives as good as he gets and rims Lane's furry asscrack with aplomb. Moving closer to the pool, Chase repeatedly takes a garden hose to Lane's butthole, filling the butt with water, and Lane jets it out like a human Super Soaker! Chase then slams a fuck into Lane, missionary and pile-driver, before Lane hops atop Chase for a face-to-face sit-fuck. Lane grinds his ass down, as Chase pushes upward, and cums while being skewered by Chase's impossibly long schlong. Chase chases with a messy shot of his own.
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