Steamy Secrets

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DescriptionSouth Beach Video's fascination with hot men -- in and out of uniform -- is explored in "Steamy Secrets." Filmed at a Miami bathhouse, The Club Body Center [ ], it's full of distinctive South Beach touches.
South Beach regulars Tony Lazzari and Johnny Cage check into the club at roughly the same time, and go their own merry ways. Cops seem to be around every corner this particular day. Wandering the halls, Tony discovers the likes of handsome Ricco Savage, wearing his uniform inside a cubicle. "You a real cop?," asks Tony, before moving inside and grabbing the already-hard slab of Ricco. As usual, Tony's cocksucking skills are ferocious, as he manhandles the officer almost down to the pubes. At first Ricco seems like trade, but shows a genuinely equal-opportunity side. After he has tasted Tony's leaky dick, the men share a juicy kiss. Then Ricco folds Tony's tight, lean body on the bed and rims the hell out of his butt. Tony just relaxes and moans. Ricco sucks the younger man some more -- this time licking his penis slowly and deliberately -- and caresses Tony's nipples. Tony's ass, so wet by the cop's roving tongue, naturally gets used, with Ricco holding his partner's athletic legs in the air and slamming into his butt. Ricco shows a more verbal and rougher side of himself here, thrusting his dick harder and harder into Tony. When he grinds into Tony from behind moments later, he reaches a fast climax atop Tony's trim and tattooed buttcheeks. Making the scene hotter is the fact that Ricco wears cop gear for virtually the entire length of the scene.
Elsewhere in the club, cop Cage spots harnessed Jack Dean, a brunet leatherman, and they share about three seconds of greetings before sticking their tongues in each other's throats. In the locker room, the naked Johnny and the still-clothed Jack kiss for a few long and luxurious moments, before Jack drops to the floor and carnivorously deep-throats Johnny. Jack is particularly hungry, slinging Cage's meat into his mouth until Johnny's dick is pointing toward the ceiling. That fat hose lodges into the backside of Jack, who bends over, stripping most of his leather off, and plays host. The camerawork here (complimented by several underneath deep penetrations) and the naturalistic noises of balls slamming into Jack's ass makes this pairing stand out. After Cage has sprayed, he helps Jack jerk to a gooey climax as well.
The Club Body Center continues to rock when topman cop Rob Jones meets Christopher Michael, another leather type with a furry chest and a usable set of bubble-buns. Christopher twists his own nipples while Ron fellates him, before Christopher gets his own opportunity to give Rob a sizzling blowjob. Later Rob really makes Christopher groan when he chews on his testicles while sticking a finger up his tight hole. By this time, Christopher's butt is itching and Rob lubes up, slips on a condom, and scratches that itch. Their fucking is prolonged and nicely-matched -- Rob's forward motions are matched by Christopher's aggressive bottoming. Christopher is very verbal, even more than Rob, and demanding, yelling for Rob to slide it up farther. The two maintain the doggy position the entire time, before Rob withdraws and blows all over Christopher.
As Cage is on his way out, he stops to talk shop with fellow officer Erik, sharing his own post-coital cigar. The two seem surprised to see each other. Cage, who has just finished his sexual bout with Jack, decides that a quickie is possible. They have an all-oral scene, with the two daddy types taking turns face-fucking each other. Cage is much more attentive to his partner here, pulling out Erik's erection and sucking it thoroughly. When Erik announces that he's about to cum, Cage finally stops and lets Erik blow on his chest. Erik then receives his own mouth assault, opening his jaws wider and wider and finishing Cage off via hand when Johnny nears his orgasm.
South Beach Video's productions rarely offer surprises. "Steamy Secrets" is precisely what we expect from the company -- the production values may not be top of the line, but the mixed-bag of performers (young and old) make their sex scenes vivid and sweaty.

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