Military Classified - DIGGLER CIVILIAN

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DescriptionMilitary Classified - DIGGLER / CIVILIAN / 29 / 6'0 / 170 / 7 5c - BLOWJOB

Ok guys today i'm introducing a new recruit and I have to say that because this guy didn't want his personal information given out, I had to come up with a creative name that I think suits the model and today i'm introducing DIGGLER! YEP! Although Diggler's cock isn't huge, its frickin FAT! Juicy! Photogenic and just all around suckable! Today I've convince Diggler to let an expert handle his manhood because he apparently hasn't been satisfied properly because of his size.

So today we've at my studios in SoCal and I have to say Diggler isn't the tallest guy, or the greatest body, or even a "Brad Pitt", but this boy had a sausage that made a hot dog taste like a Schnitzel. Enough talk about food! Anyway, we had an interesting conversation because he was really zoned in on how much he could make because I think he realizes he as a talented appendage but just hasn't been able to experience what smaller, thinner penis' experience.. deep throat satisfaction.
We took some amazing pictures in a photo shoot situation that made Diggler's cock shine line a new penny. He became quite comfortable naked and before long I had him hard as a rock taking photos in the most compromising positions. Once we finished up with the photos, we moved to my bedroom where I had everything set up and ready for him. Once I got the cameras rolling, Diggler was seated on my bench and I had him butt naked with his legs spread and his hands behind his head.

I was anxious to get started so when I did, I went full board and wasn't going to stop until I made this straight boy bleed white. I licked and sucked his entire crotch reason which drove him crazy. I love to start a blow job licking his balls first, basically cleaning the area with my tongue. Once i've past that stage I make my way up the shaft until I reach the tip and by then the boy is oozing white pre cum that told me I was close.

In the end, I was pleasantly surprised when Diggler began to quietly warn me that he was close to cumming. No sooner had he told me this that I began to feel him tense up, legs extended, holding his breath, as he began to spew a fat load that beat all loads I've seen in quite some time! Damn watching a young guy blow a huge load has to be one of the hottest things I know. Enjoy guys!
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