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No money No Funny - gangsterfuck.com

Part 1:
Rene wants to make money by dealing drugs. He wants to buy some dope from Hannibal. But he had some wrong ideas about the pricing. A few moments later the dumb straight-boy finds himself tied at the bed. Hannibal tears his clothes. Pants, socks and undies. He licks him, fondles him and films all the stuff. Then he gets brutally deflowered.

Part 2:
After a rough bare fuck Rene gets showered. Hannibal ties him and cleans his boy-cherry, his giant-dick, his balls and his arm-pits. And Rene gets some hard face-slaps, too. Then Hannibal brings him downstairs into his dungeon where the humble straight guy gets a good flogging. His arse is red and burns like fire and he learns what it means to be a slave.

Part 3:
Rene is tied to the rack. Hannibal has no mercy. He pulls the wheel until the bones start to crunch. Then he fixes the cock of the little weed-head to a rope connected to some heavy iron-weights. He licks his face, touches him everywhere and punishes him with the paddle just to break him completely. Rene cries from pain and he finally surrenders to Hannibal.

Part 4:
Hannibal fucks the shit out of Rene. The little weed-head is tied to a springbok and can do nothing but accept his destiny. Then Hannibal shouts his massive load directly into the boy´s innocent puss. And to complete the humiliation he finally has to jerk-off in front of Hannibal. He leaves the poor boy covered with sperm and well tied.
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