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1. TitanMen - Blueprint - Sc.1 - Dallas Steele & Bruce Beckham.mp4
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2. TitanMen - Blueprint - Sc.2 - Matthew Bosch & Eric Nero.mp4
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3. TitanMen - Blueprint - Sc.3 - Dirk Caber & Adam Ramzi.mp4
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4. TitanMen - Blueprint - Sc.4 - Eric Nero & Max Sargent.mp4
Format : MPEG-4, Codec ID: isom, Duration: 40 min 22 s , Bit rate: 2 381 Kbps: 1 280 x 720 : 16:9

SC. #1 - Architect Bruce Beckham arrives at a palatial estate with plans for the roofline. “I’m excited to show you what I’ve got,” he says to Dallas Steele, who checks out his ass as he smiles back, “I’m excited to see it.” Dallas squeezes the stud’s shoulder, then moves in for a kiss as their stubbly chins connect. He squeezes Bruce’s ass, shoulders and neck, then drops to his knees—a monster cock popping out in his face. Dallas sniffs and rubs his scruffy face against it before engulfing it, gasping for air (“Yeah, choke on it!”). Dallas’s boner pokes Bruce’s hairy leg as he sucks, the two kissing and stroking each other before Bruce sucks him back—his own beast bobbing up and down. Dallas eats Bruce’s hole before fucking him from behind, the bottom then riding his dick, making it disappear (“Squeeze that cock!”). Bruce fucks him back—Dallas begging him to “keep going!” as they shoot, Bruce needing two hands to stroke his own load out.

SC. #2 - TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch and Eric Nero “Why do they call you Big D?” asks Matthew Bosch of Eric Nero, who smiles: “Cause I got a big dick…wanna see?” Eric whips out his beast: “Go on, suck it!” Matthew worships it as streams of spit slide down Eric’s long shaft and fall to the floor. “Lick my balls,” says Eric, who looks down at Matthew’s big dick: “Fuck, I love uncut cock!” Eric worships Matthew’s manhood, tugging on his sac and spitting on it. Eric munches on Matthew’s hole, then fucks him from behind—his big balls slamming the bottom’s hairy ass. Matthew gets on his back, the flexible Eric leaning down to suck the bottom as he fucks him, then gripping Matthew’s balls as he plows him before they squirt.

SC. #3 - Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi: Plumber Dirk Caber looks at landscape designer Adam Ramzi’s blueprints…but gets distracted by his ass. Adam needs a big pipe for his plan. “Like how big? Eight inches?” asks Dirk. “Eight inches would be good,” smiles Adam, the two locking lips as they rub each other’s bodies. Adam fucks Dirk’s face, the two then kissing and pulling each other’s nips as they face off in hot swordplay. Adam deep throats Dirk, then gets his hole munched and fucked. Adam sits down on Dirk’s dick, his own cock bobbing back and forth as he rides. Dirk reaches around to stroke Adam, who soon fucks him back—licking his own load off Dirk’s chest before kissing him.

SC. #4 - TitanMen exclusive Eric Nero with Max Sargent Big Load Cement Company wants a job with Big D, who’s impressed with Max Sargent’s firm handshake. “Years of handling big cement pipe,” smiles Max, rubbing his bulge. Eric opens wide to engulf Max’s thick slab, his nose tickling the muscle dad’s pubes: “Slide your mouth all the way down!” Max licks his lips and swallows Eric’s meat, begging him to fuck his face. Eric’s eyes roll up as he gets eaten and fucked, the bottom backing all the way down as he slams Max’s bush. Eric sits on it, his meat frantically flopping. Max licks Eric’s pit, then reaches around to stroke the bottom. Eric gets on his back (“Hammer my ass!”), his big balls soon coated in cum.                   

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