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Manplay 21

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Description"The nine sweaty men of ManPlay (MP 021) are some of the most hard-hung, switch-hitting and aggressive players yet, and span a wide range of age and race.

First up, the new faces: Rocco, trim-bearded, with a trellis of tribal tattoos across his shoulder and thigh. Stretch, a fine-featured, finely-complected and hairy-chested bottom. Joshua, a beautiful mix of light and dark, with short, shiny hair and goatee. Cobalt, maybe the youngest of the group, is clean-shaven, flat-bodied and fat-hung. Jay, a big 'n beefy guy with dinner-plate pecs. Robbi, with a PA and a pencil-thin beard tracing his jaw line. Logan Steele, one fierce Fallen Angel-kinda leatherman, with a daddy’s trace of pepper in his goatee and a dragon tat writhing around his torso. With first-timers like these seven men chompin' at the bit, how can you refuse when hairy-chested studs like big daddy Nate Pierce and Markus Ram, in his Titan Men debut, wanna play, too?

No time is wasted as the guys stroll in. They aren’t taking time to say "Hi," and they sure as hell don’t need any warmup. They’re plugged right in to face-fucking, ass-plowing action, and soon there’s a six-man pile up of porthole poking going down. Stretch slips it into Jay, alongside Logan ramming Robbi, next to big-bruiser leatherman Nate slamming Cobalt. The pals produce an opening salvo of stud sauce, and Jay’s mind-boggling orgasm blasts five jet-propelled eruptions way over his head. It’s the sort of break-the-bank money shot that would be the party-ender for most guys. For this bunch, it’s just the kick-off.

Rocco’s asshole is twitching for action, and he jams his ass down on Cobalt’s fat crowbar for a bumpy ride. But he wants a taste of Cobalt’s succulent hole, too, and launches a gangbang, throwing the guy’s legs in the air and punching his cock up Cobalt’s lube-lavished fuckhole, prepping the stretched-out hole to take on cock after cock. Markus’ massive heft makes Cobalt’s balls boil, and Logan’s muscular assault sends the custard spurting outta Cobalt’s ponderous prick.

Stretch screws his lily-white ass down on Markus’ huge black cock. (Is it the way Stretch gets his legs out of the way, or the way his hole opens wide for an amazing double penetration that earned him his nickname?) Stretch hardly even winces as hefty Logan lobs his cock into that cavern alongside Markus’ meat, and the trio rocks that rectum ‘til the spunk splatters.

Jay, Nate, Robbi, Markus and Rocco get in some kissing and cocksucking, but the action reverts to asswork when Cobalt comes back. Stretch parades his versatility by topping Robbi, and Jay gives up his royal rump to Markus before flipping him over and slipping it in his partner’s ass. Rocco spreads his smooth cheeks wide for Cobalt’s deep grinding cock, makes way for Logan’s muscle-meat to plow his insatiable hole, and finally gets the jizz slammed outta him by Stretch. Stretch has earned his payoff, and lays back for Nate and Rocco to fingerfuck his fine ass 'til the jerk juice blasts.

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