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Jock Hunter [Pack]

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DescriptionEpisode: MMA Is For Real Men, Are You The One?! ·
Starring: Johnny Forza & Owen Michaels
MMA is the thing that manly men are all doing nowadays. They might suck at it but you can brag all day about it with your buddies. You are the guy who trains MMA, right? Our man Johnny will teach his coach a thing or two about new submissions holds he had in mind lately. He shows up at the gym and ask for quick 1 on 1 match, but that turns into 1 on 1 hardcore bang in no time. Watch how sweat and muscles rub against each other as these guys switch from practice fight into cock sucking fight!

Episode: A Special Modeling Session For Latino Joggers
Starring: Ethan Slade & Johnny Forza
Miami streets are full of morning joggers. These guys can take care of their bodies and there is nothing than turns us on more than healthy guys sweating in the public. Our guy Johnny was on the hunt today and his victim to-be was a smoking hot latino man named Ethan. Our bait for this day was a silly one – we acted like we are modeling agency and we are looking for latinos. As cheesy as it sounds it worked. We convinced Ethan to come over to our place for some shoots and quick & easy cash. All he had to do was to strip down to his underwear. And maybe suck a little dick but that was untold at first, LOL. Check out how seduction grows into intense interracial action!

Episode: Hunting In The Gym Is Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel
Starring: Johnny Forza & Antonio Paul
It’s time to hunt guys! This is our first video we have ever recorded for the Jock Hunter project and our guy Johnny Forza is in charge in this one. What would be the first place to hunt for hot guys if you wanted to get laid, like RIGHT NOW? Of course – the local gym. And Miami is big enough of a city, so to check out all gyms it would take us probably a whole year! Our victim was Antonio, the gym was pretty empty when we were there so we really had no choice. Johnny watched him working out and praised him a little, the way he wouldn’t scare him. Once the work out was done, both of them went to the shower and it was the best time to “accidentaly” enter the same stall. The rest is for you to see in the video below!

Episode: A Dream Of Being Mitch Buchannon Shattered
Starring: Kip Johnson & Johnny Forza
In this preliminary clip of Jock Hunter we recorded back in May we had a perfect plan for some productive hunting. Our guy Johnny Forza told us that Miami beaches are full of hot lifeguards and it shouldnÂ’t be a problem to lure them into some homosexual acts. We decided to give it a shot and damn, some time later here we are on empty beach with some lonely guard being bored to death. Smooth talking of Johnny worked like a charm and this Mitch Buchannon wanna-be is taking a crazy anal banging. I guess itÂ’s not Baywatch scenario he ever considered!

Episode: Playing Basketball Will Never Be The Same For Him ·
Starring: Johnny Forza & Andy Banks
ItÂ’s crazy hot in Miami these days, so itÂ’s no brainer that many hot guys are out enjoying the weather. What it means for us? ItÂ’s time to hunt! Cruising through the local neighborhood we came across hunk named Andy. He was playing some basketball all alone and it would be a perfect prey for our hunger today. Our guy Johnny was all ready to make it happen so he entered the park and challenged his to-be victim to 1 on 1 game. The result is not important, but you should check out the smooth lines Johnny used to invite his guy Andy to clean up back in his apartment. Too bad instead of getting cleaned up the victim got his ass used and abused in many, many ways!

Episode: Proper Clean-up After A Sweaty Game ·
Starring: Logan Vaughn & Sean Duran
HUNT DESCRIPTION: We have been cruising all day today in hope for finding some straight victim for our website. No luck up to the point we stopped at local baseball pitch. It was some kind of miracle! Afternoon, nobody alive on the pitch but some guy without a shirt swinging the bat. And damn, he sucked at it. Sean enters the action to teach the guy a thing or two about baseball bats and after they take the shower. Sean caught Logan his victim for surprise shower butt sex and while it was awkward at first for this straight macho we made him swinging both ways in matter of minutes!

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