Men’s Rush TV – 雄になり本能のままエロをむさぼる筋肉アスリートがエロ過ぎる!! – BOB-118

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Excitement is maxed out for a girl with her bottom half exposed at the entrance! A muscle athlete who becomes a male and devours erotica with his instincts is too erotic!
A new label "ONATARING EX" was created just for "straight guys who want to see the perverted state of a straight guy! A new label [ONATARING EX] CASE:46, created just for the straight guys!

Would you like to try turning your masturbation into money? The straight guys in this episode are muscle athletes who have been very popular in Onataring Cases 9, 18 and 30.

This time we can have normal sex! When he calls her on LINE and opens the door, the girl is suddenly on all fours with her bottom half exposed, waiting for him! How did the muscle athlete react?



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