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DescriptionTonys Initiation was a 1983 gay porn film starring Tim Kramer (Gayracula, Men of The Midway, Bikers Liberty, NZ Undercovers), Michael Christopher and sexy newcomer Shawn Mcwilliams. It was ahead of its time and quite bizarre in 1983 essentially teling the tale of a sex club cum (sic) Gay Mafia Circus where hot young bucks are initiated before a crowd of masked club members  who join in the festivities prefiguring the later trend in films like Carny . Shawn Mcwilliams is somewhat willingly abducted and used by the secret society as it is revealed was Tim Kramer and others who now prepare the subjects for initiation.Featuring clowns, trapeze artists, a white initation tent, a gang banging stage and a generally kinky air of peversity and rough desires. Shawn Mcwilliams makes an intensely desirable sub, spending his time semi-conscious to unconscious satisfying another fetish which would boom during the internet age. Warning this is a VHS transfer which unfotunately does have some break ups and strange unfortunate over-taping at times but it is a somehwat fun reminder of those old video days!
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