♺ Street Boys - Sperm In My Hole

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-04-18 |

Catagorisation: Nipple-Play, Sperm-Eating, Solo, Duo, Trio, Dildo, Sucking, Blowing, Rimming, Bareback-Sex, Hard Fucking, Monster-Dicks, Anal Ejaculation,

Starring: Felix Wallace, Denis Reed, Martin Chrastil, Paul Bruckner, Carlos Michaelis, Renzo Rosenberg, Andre Stoickov, Neal Black
Director(s): Marek Bruckner
Duration(min.): 150
Language: German

Description: Scene 1: If only Neal wouldn't spend time reading his book… Martin Chrastil thinks. Well, he may like it if I distract him a little bit. Without wasting time he starts playing around with his pants. Hungry for sex as Neal Black is, there’s no need to plead him any longer. He puts his book aside and opens his pair of trousers. This makes appear his slightly hard cock. “Come and make it hard” he commands to Martin. Pleased, Martin sticks this sugar pole in his mouth and sucks on it. Neals prick swells slowly but enormously. His dick gets constantly harder. Then he opens Martin’s pants to unpack his manhood. Decisively he pulls him towards him to give head. He rips off his pair of trousers and plays with his asshole. He sticks his tongue deep into Martin’s butthole. He wets his hole abundantly while wanking his schlong. That one now is totally hard as stone. Martin looks at his fat cock with pleasure. He rips off his t-shirt and sits on Neal. He plunges his weenie carefully into his anus. Neal penetrates his tight asshole deeper and deeper. Martin rides his pole in a randy manner. His dick slips-slide away in a fast way. Neal can’t hold his juice anymore. That’s exactly what Martin the horndog wants. He plunges his pole even faster now. Neal is about to squirt his load. He shoots a full load of proteins inside the blonde boy. Then he pulls his prick out prudently and whole load squirts out of his anus. After this warm cum shower Martin on his part can’t hold his juice either. He wanks his penis and squirts his white pleasure juice right into Neal’s mouth. Neal licks the rests of cum with pleasure. The taste of this warm man juice makes him hard again. He needs to jerk off one more time. He jacks off slowly his pecker still hard. Martin can’t wait to get more of his jizz. Finally Neal squirts abundantly a full load out of his bell end. Martin slurps it all with appreciation.So, that’s enough pleasure for today indicates Neal who seizes his book again to read. For Martin this doesn’t matter now. Well, at least he’s satisfied for the next minutes.

Scene 2: “Mmhhh, what a hot picture of mine” thinks Denis Reed when looking at the monitor. To have steamy sex right now – that would do it for me. Well, we’ll see as Paul Bruckner will come by any moment. Little later someone knocks at the door.Denis opens and allows Paul in. “Undress completely” commands Denis decisively. Paul does so willingly. He takes his shirt and pants off to stand completely naked in front of him. In no time Denis makes use of Paul’s dick. First he sucks him slowly then faster. He plays with his butthole and looks him in his face joyfully. Then Denis leans back and opens his pair of trousers.“Well, do you want to see a really huge cock” he asks Paul. Doubtfully he looks at him but understands immediately. He kneels down and sticks his prick deep into his throat. Denis’ cock gets bigger and harder. “Deeper, swallow it all” he indicates to Paul. Compliant he swallows this monster cock in his mouth. He sucks on his weenie the faster he can. But enough blowing, time to bang so does Denis think. He turns him around in order to insert his penis carefully in his rectum. Paul screams with relish when Denis fucks him harder. Paul jerks himself off while being screwed. He cannot hold his cum anymore when Denis squirts a full load of sperm inside his asshole. This warm juice inside his butt makes him so horny that he squirts abundantly his proteins out of his bell end. But he’s ready for more jizz. He looks at Denis begging for more. With good grace Denis shows him once again his dick. He wanks it until it gets hard and finally squirts of full load of sperm into Paul’s mouth. Sensuously he licks every drop of it.

Scene 3: Hi, my name is Carlos Michaelis and I’m a complete horndog. I love to play around my tight asshole. I take my clothes off slowly only for you. I rub my slightly hard cock sensuously. The more I do so the harder my prick gets. I love fingering my asshole. I will carefully insert the dildo that I hold in my hand into my butthole. I move it in and out deeper and deeper while wanking my cock. This makes me totally horny that I cannot hold back my juice anymore. One last time I insert the dildo inside of me in order to squirt my juice all over the place. I disperse it all over my bell end and my asshole. Then I lick the rests of my hand. I told you, I’m a really horndog…

Scene 4: “Hi Paul, well, what you’re up to, how are you?” asks John Paul. “Thanks, everything alright by me” answers Paul Bruckner. “But I’m somehow hot and horny again. I just had great sex with Denis Reed, but I’m ready to squirt again.” “Well then, let’s get started, I want to screw you” John simply replies. And the action begins. Quickly they take their clothes off and begin, to make out with each other. In no time their pricks are hard as stone and Paul’s hole is all wet. John turns Paul around and starts to lick his butthole. He sticks his tongue deep into his hole. Paul screams out of lust. He needs to feel John’s fat dong inside his sphincter. He stands up spreading his legs when John sticks his huge boner into his anus. His willy sinks deeper and deeper inside that butthole. He screws that blonde boy really hard. John fucks him like a horndog that his sperm is about to drip out of his bell end. Fucking Paul’s tight hole brings John about to jerk off. After a hard and fast kick he jacks off a load of sperm inside his hole. When he pulls out his fat weenie the rests of proteins flow out.But John’s still horny. He wanks his prick that’s still hard. Paul bends over him in order to swallow his cum. He jacks off his prick faster until more proteins squirt out of his bell end. Paul licks it all off. The taste of warm juice makes him hard again that he wants to jerk off one more time. He masturbates his dick until he comes abundantly with a load of jizz squirting all over the place.

Scene 5: Hi folks, my name is Andre Stoickov. I may look innocent but I’m mad about sperm. Watch me how I rip off my clothes slowly off my body. When sitting on the leather sofa I come up with the craziest ideas. The thoughts of having nasty and kinky sex make my cock getting hard. I start rubbing my dick really hard. While doing this I play around my hairy hole with my fingers. Carefully I insert one finger in my butthole. My cock swells and I have to stroke it to relieve my pressure. I wank it faster while the other hand is rubbing my asshole. Finally I can’t hold my jizz anymore. My white cum squirts out of my bell end. Highly enjoyable I lick off my hand blotted with sperm. Such a quickie with one self is a hell of a great thing.

Scene 6: Oh Felix Wallace got 2 buddies along with him. What are they about to plan? Well, what do you think? Sex... “Well then, take your dicks out…” shouts Felix at Van Marco and Renzo Rosenberg. Little later Felix is sucking both pricks. He takes turns chewing both cocks. Willingly he looks up to see how Van and Renzo kiss each other. In the meantime he sucked both dicks hard. Only one thing is missing, having both weenies inside my butthole, so does he think.In order that this will happen, he rips his pants off and indicates to both of them that he wants to be screwed. The two guys understand right away and in no time he has both pricks inside his asshole. Renzo and Van fuck Felix’s tight hole in a nasty way. Felix rides up and down on both boners. Both lads can’t hold back their cum anymore. They pull out their dicks quickly and stand above Felix. They wank like horndogs while Felix waits both of them to jerk off in his mouth. They both squirt their load one after the other deep inside his throat. Felix licks the rests of jizz from his t-shirt with relish. So much sperm really makes him horny that he feels the need to squirt too. He jacks off faster and rubs his stretched hole at the same time. Finally his proteins shoot abundantly out of his bell end. Yep, a threesome is really a big turn on thinks Felix at the end.

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