♺ jordan payoff for pain part 1

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-11-10 |
Jared has no idea who Jordan is. All he knows is he’s being paid a lot of cash to make the kid suffer and turn him into a whimpering, cock-sucking pain slave. Jordan is a college frat boy: 21 or 22, extremely good looking, fit and tan, with gleaming teeth, perfect hair and a great bod. “I don’t know who you pissed off, boy,” Jared tells the blindfolded and gagged youth, strapped to a steel chair, nearly naked but for a jock and a V-neck undershirt. “But they’re paying me a lot of money to hurt you,” Jared adds, then rips open the V-neck, revealing a smooth, well muscled torso. The kid moans through the tape gag, terrified, then squeals in shock when steel clips are attached to his nipples. In just a few minutes, thousands of volts of electricity will travel into his nipples and down his whole body.

Enjoy !!
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