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Skin Skin  part 1
Elenco: Alex Orioli, Andre Boleyn, Ariel Vanean, Billy Cotton, Florian Nemec, Julien Hussey, Kevin Warhol
Milo Peters + Ennio Guardi
This was the first time that we really managed to break up the twins and film a scene with just one of them.  Given their common interest in body building and going to the gym, it seemed a perfect match to team Milo up with Ennio Guardi.  We can tell you that off the set that was all these guys talked about and on the set the level of comfort they have with each other really show.

Julien Hussey + Forian Nemec
This is an exclusively Hungarian pairing we have for our next scene.  Both guys should be familiar enough to your already from their body of work they have on BelAmiOnline.

Florian Nemec goes out innocently for a morning walk of the dog where he meets Julien Hussey also walking his dog. The 2 studs begin to talk a bit and the attraction is clear. Julien invites Florian back to his house where once in, the boys can barely keep their hands off each other.  Its not long before they are totally naked and the big uncut cocks are hard as a rock. The suck each other off for a bit, but soon Julien is riding Florians big cock. Florian drives his big cock deep and hard into Julien causing Julien to shoot his load. It’s not long until Florian is ready to explode and he does in Julien's waiting mouth.

Henri Gaudin + Manuel Rios + Trevor Yates
Time to bring out the big guns for this the longest of all of the scenes on the DVD at 25 minutes.  Poor Trevor, this clip begins with the guys teasing Trevor about the inadequate size of his dick, although it is all in jest as they both know how huge Trevor's dick is and they also know that it will soon be buried up to the hilt inside one of them.  Another condomless cum eating extravaganza to help out the old year and welcome in the new

Marco Bill + Dario Dolce
Sometimes cameraman Mary is just a big tease. He starts to get us thinking that we may see Dario as top in this clip and then dashes all of our hopes when we find out Marco is just not the bottoming type. Anyhow, it does not really matter because this clip is HOT. We won't linger too long on a description but I can tell you that everyone here in the office was hard before Marco even got to stick his engorged cock inside Dario's ass... and from there on it just got hotter.
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