‚ôļ [HDK] Hot Desert Knights - Xtreme M4M

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-10-14 |
The first scene starts with a visual message warning of this being NOT for the squeamish and to adjust the volume controls. I¬íve never seen such messages before. Naked bald stud (except for his boots) Forrest Gunner is brought in and strapped standing up to a big X by chaps wearing bear Buddy LaRue. Buddy brings out a leather whip and proceeds to whip F¬ís back and ass, switching to a bigger whip which has F shouting out more ¬ďYes, sir,¬Ē then onto a paddle. He then is turned around on the X and we can see his hard dick so I guess he likes the whipping! Clothespins are then attached all over his body¬óyikes!¬óincluding to his genitals; after a bit more flogging they are taken off. F is now looking a little comatose to me. PS The box mentions the use of candles that I did NOT see.
Cut to hairy Devyn Miles inserting various and BIG items into hairyboy Tommy Rawlin’s add with no problem. Tommy’s got some sort of metal restraint under his balls. D then proceeds to fist and rim him for a long time--causing Tommy’s hole to expand in a way I’ve never seen before and never want to see again!!—before blowing him while fisting. No cumming but they looked happy.
Devyn’s in the next scene with blackmasked shaven-chest Dave Marcus and redmasked Latino Neo. Devyn’s on a sling as Neo starts to play with his hole (fingering, bareback fucking, huge dildo inserting, fisting, fisting AND fucking) while Dave’s dick is busy in Devyn’s mouth. Dave and Neo switch so Dave can fuck. Devyn cums and so does Dave—in Devyn’s ass which he proceeds to rim and sucks his cum out of!
We are then back with Buddy and Forrest. Forrest is over Buddy’s knee being spanked by a large paddle that looks like one would use for ping-pong. Then other paddles are used. Forrest then proceeds to work on Buddy’s dick until he cums which Forrest eats up.
Then, Eagerboy is on a sling as Mitch Banning does all sorts of things with his ass. And I mean all sorts.
Then we’re outside at a pool as hairy Will West, gets busy with silverhaired Ray Butler’s ass using his fist. They just start to fuck as….we get an announcement that the action continues in other movie!
While I don’t think I’m a prude, this action was very EXTREME.
NOTE: This video contains ALL Bareback Sex.

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