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Original upload: 2009-09-30 |

When a man is horny enough, one orgasm is merely a warm-up.
When the young studs in Cobra's Cream BBoys shoot off,
they consider all that jizz to be good lube and prep for round two.
This film is going to make a lot of guys very, very happy,
as it delivers multiple bareback loads of mancream in every single scene.
Over the course of 2 1/2 hours of hardcore action,
I counted ten very horny young men and 21 cumloads.
Go ahead and put away the fast forward remote control
for this film because you won't need it.
These glorious cumshots are plentiful, and every drop is appreciated
by the young studs on the receiving end.
Whether you love to see sticky loads getting lapped up,
swallowed, or dripped from a freshly fucked ass,
you'll be cheering this celebration of manly desire.
The big-squirting stars are all young, hung, slim, smooth,
and dark-featured, with the occasional tattoo and piercing.
Every man here is horny to the point of bursting, and when
you see how totally rock-hard their cocks are, you'll realize how rarely
in porn you witness men who are totally aroused.
Compared to the dicks here, which seem chiseled from
the hardest marble, the cocks you usually see in porns look
like pliable clay. All sorts of marvelous action is on display: both sucking
and rimming from a 69 position, powerful buttfucking with cumshots
both on the ass and inside the ass (with the cum dripping
out as evidence), facial and oral cumshots, self-cum-eating
(as in shooting all over your buddy's face and then licking it clean,
or licking his ass clean after you fuck it), snowballing, finger fucking,
romantic deep kissing, threeways, and of course lots of spit lube
everywhere. This film comes with the very highest recommendation


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