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Pablo had already done one "training session". That is, he filmed a sex scene as opposed to a solo, as a kind of "dress rehearsal" for future duos, with everybody's favorite mentor, Juan (known affectionately to his mates as JJ). And since Pablo had handled the Juan affair with such easy aplomb, we thought we'd take it up a notch for his second practice video and put him with big, hunky, rough-trade-looking JC.

JC, although a sweetheart of a guy, is a little more imposing and reserved than either Juan or Pablo, although you will see he laughs plenty and has a good time with whatever he does. Whereas with Juan, who is sort of like an angel of sex who wraps you up in affectionate arms and a dimpled smile of warmth, to see JC approaching your bed is to worry, ever so slightly, that he might just fuck the hell out of you!

He suggests adventure and a little bit of danger. Pablo certainly responded to him, and it's always interesting to see if a guy will be different in bed with one man than he was with another. Juan had brought out his fun and games side, but with JC, Pablo just held on and locked into JC's rhythms with the reverence of one who is not quite sure what may happen next!

That said, these two dissolved the sexual tension they were creating at regular intervals, and you will see lots of joking and smiles. JC was big on talking to the cameramen in a sort of conspiratorial way about every little thing he was doing to Pablo. Meanwhile Pablo, with his somewhat dry humor, would toss off droll asides that would crack everybody up. But then when they'd get back to business, they'd do it with a vengeance!

My favorite moment is when JC stands up on the bed,

lifting upside-down Pablo by the waist for a vertical 69. It doesn't last long, but boy does that image burn itself into my brain! They would have made a phenomenal dirty sculpture! I see it in brass.

We hope you are enjoying these "training" videos, in which our models get used to fucking each other in front of cameras. Originally intended only for the vaults, many of them ended up featuring some pretty hot sex while at the same time showcasing in a unique way, some of the really special personalities that graced our lens. We're getting a kick out of giving you this voyeuristic "behind the scenes' glimpse of watching a sex scene from both sides of the camera at once, and hope you're having fun hanging out with us. Write and let us know what you think!

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