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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-22 |
Here's the sequel to my original gay furry art sampler pack. This pack features art by AMWULF, Ayndrew, Beralin, Blazingcheecks, Dredd, Todex, and more Forge(TheWielder), all organized by artist for your convenience. This pack features a little more variety and weirdness than the original.

AMWULF's art has a rougher touch to it, but that doesn't mean it isn't just as arousing. For an example, see the picture with the golden dragon on the chair in the previews.

Ayndrew's art is very pleasing and predominantly features beefy men. The picture in the previews featuring the bear playing volleyball was done by him.

Beralin is a very peculiar artist. He has a habit of drawing sexy masculine aliens, including aliens from popular movies or video games. He also draws normal scalies and furries. His art tends to feature situations including bondage or otherwise really rough sex. In the previews, the image featuring the blue alien having sex with the transforming human is done by him.

Blazingcheecks is another artist who favors chubby and beefy men. Nothing else much to say other than it's very nice to look at (and of course, masturbate to). His example in the previews is the picture featuring the two guys in bed with the one holding a condom.

Dredd, as he likes to put it, draws smutty fanart and sexy scalies. His picture in the previews is the one featuring the ever lovable and sexy Bowser in the plaid shirt and undies. A lot of his art features Bowser or other well-known beefy characters.

Todex's art is just in a whole different league. He has a very unique style, as shown by his preview picture of the blue dragon ejaculating. His art predominately features muscular scalies.

And last but not least, I have included more Forge artwork. Specifically, his commercial comic, The Horse With No Name (Parts 1 & 2, along with a side comic called "CBT" - also, the story in the comics seemingly ends on a cliffhanger but there is no part 3 yet), and I've also included his two Rule 34 commercial art packs, "The Gargoyles Pin-Up Set" and "MIce, Cats, and Toads". The Gargoyles set features the characters from the famous cartoon, redesigned with more piercings, and tattoos. The Mice, Cats, and Toads features the Biker Mice from Mars, a few of the Thundercats, and the Battletoads in "questionable" sexual situations. Since I pre-purchased both packs, bonus content such as the sketches, the lineart, and a few bonus pictures come included. See the picture of Brooklyn (the red dragon gargoyle) for an example of Forge's art.

NOTE that this art pack contains a good amount of Rule 34, which for those that don't know, is when pornographic material of a popular character exists ("If something exists, there is porn of it, and if there isn't there will be"). Dredd's Bowser picture and Forge's Brooklyn (from the Gargoyles) picture in the previews are good examples. Just a fair warning that could see something that could "ruin your childhood memories" of a certain character (although if you like furry art, chances are that's already happened and you're over it).

And once again, these are by no means the complete works of these artists, just what I've compiled over the years. Also, the Gargoyles Pack by Forge is missing a few pictures since I had to remove them as they contained female/straight content (no real loss there, right?).

Once again, I hope you enjoy! Saying thanks and/or giving a comment is much appreciated =)
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