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Conquering Cory - Quickie - 8.43 mins

The next day Cory stops on his way to work and I can tell he's horny. I stand him by my bed and when he starts watching the porno flick I pull off his clothes and go down on him. I stroke and suck on his cock, coaxing out a massive load, most of which I swallow. As Cory dresses he boasts about droppin' a load later with a (real) girl...

Bad Boyz Club #4 - Cory 2 - 23.62 mins

Cory stops by to chill. After stripping off his clothes he settles in front of the TV with a good size boner. I start licking and sucking his shaft then I take out my own hardened rod and start a cock fight. Cory and I bust our nuts as our shafts are rubbing together. After I clean up his cock I go right back to blowing him and he gets hard again in my mouth. I deep throat him as he pushes my head down on his slippery rod and when he finds the right spot on the porno to put him over the edge he unloads in my mouth.

Sneek-A-Peek #3: Cory Short & Sweet - Scene 7 - 12.25 mins

Cory’s sprawled out on my bed as his monster grows and when he slips off his boxers he starts jerking on it. I begin sucking his cock and soon he erupts on my lips. I scoot up next to him and Cory starts to suck my cock as I stroke his still hard cock. It doesn’t take long for me to bust on Cory’s leg.

Sneek-A-Peek #3: Cory Short & Sweet - Scene 3 - 6.93 mins

Cory's horny again and stops by for a quickie. He can't stay long so he doesn't even sit down for the service. I take his fat cock in my mouth and he guides my head up and down. Soon he explodes on my lips.

Sneek-A-Peek #3: Cory Short & Sweet - Scene 4 - 11.82 mins

As soon as Cory sheds his clothes he's rock hard and ready to go. I stroke his pole and swallow it whole, and even though some technical difficulties with the porn slows us down, Cory bounces back and fucks my mouth till he blows his load. When we switch positions, Cory starts stroking and sucking my cock then he jerks my huge load onto the floor.

Sneek-A-Peek #3: Cory Short & Sweet - Scene 6 - 11.05 mins

After a rough day at work Cory stops by for some fun. He pulls off several layers of clothing and his big fat cock pops out. I take out my hard cock, get down between his legs and start a cock fight with him. After some expert service Cory spills a nice load.

Str8 Loads #12: Cory - O Solo Mio! - 21.80 mins

Cory's going to spend the night so I let him use my room. He doesn't know I have a hidden camera running when he pretends to be going to bed and instead pulls his pud. Belino Bella!!

Cory's Big Adventure - Me First Then You - 14.33 mins

Another early morning session begins with Cory watching a porno while I service him. I’m horny too so I start a cock fight with him, and when I scoot up to him he starts sucking on my cock. Cory grabs my head, pushes it all the way down on his cock and unloads in my throat. Cory begins blowing me again and then strokes out a huge load from my throbbing piece.

Curious Cory - Back Door Pass - 12.03 mins

Cory is spread eagle on the bed and his cock throbs as it anticipates my attention. I stroke and blow him for a while then he lets me play with his hairy balls and butt. Soon Cory spills a creamy load as I finger his butt hole.

Conquering Cory 2 - You Be The Judge - 11.58 mins

Already half naked on my sofa, Cory works the remote to find a smokin’ sex scene he can use for inspiration and he’s good-to-go real quick. After jerking his cock and taking it deep in my throat I pull out my own hard cock and rub it against his as he loses himself in the porno. Soon Cory closes his eyes and makes a mess all over my face. We compare cock sizes and he says “You’re sh*t’s wider, my sh*t’s longer, how many times do I have to tell you that?” OK Cory, Got It!

Money For Nuttin' 5 - Cory 2 - 10.68 mins

Cory narrates a vivid story about an encounter with his auto mechanic before he starts to stroke up a boner. As he tunes into the porn on the t.v. I take his big cock down my throat and bring him close several times. Cory closes his eyes as I take his load in my mouth.

Cory: The Next Level - In Sync - 16.78 mins

Cory sheds his skivvies and I stroke him up before chowing down on his fat cock. I let him stroke his meat for a while and when I approach with my cock hanging out Cory starts to suck it. He licks the shaft and jerks it a bit then I start a cock fight with him. As our throbbing cocks rub together we both bust our nuts.

Dawg Daze - Cory - 7.48 mins

He hasn’t nutted in a few days so Cory drops in for servicing. I pull off his shorts and start to blow him as he works the remote control and soon Cory’s exploding in my mouth.

Bad Boyz Club #2 - Cory's Cockfight - 17.43 mins

Cory dumps the girlfriend and stops by Vinnie's for a session. Down to his 'beater and boxers he gets into the porno and when he pitches a tent he sheds the boxers and lets his hard cock bob up and down on his stomach. When I oil him up and start to stroke him he leans back and lets me lick his shaft. After servicing Cory's beautiful cock for a while I take out my own stiff rod and begin to rub it up against his throbbing cock. Cory shakes his head 'no' but I continue and in about 20 seconds he's shoots a huge load all over our cocks. I suck the rest of the load from his cock and say ''That was good!'' Cory replies ''Yeah! That was good!''

Curious Cory - Good Vibrations - 22.03 mins

When he's done shooting the bull and finishes his cigarette, Cory heads to the bedroom and strips off his clothes. Of course he's already rock hard and when his cock pokes out of his jock strap I swoop down and start the service. When Cory spreads his legs and gets into the zone I take out a vibrator and start rubbing it on his balls and butt region. Soon Cory is using it on himself and with some sweet coaxing with my tongue he lets go a messy load.

Cory's Big Adventure - Wet And Wild 2 - 21.83 mins

The next day Cory starts his morning with an “intimate” shower, soaping and stroking on his monster cock while soaking his smooth, sexy body. After drying off and sprawling on the bed, he lubes up his cock and I dive down on it, givin’ it a real good lickin’. Cory plays with his balls and fingers his butt hole as he jerks himself off, and to my surprise when I take out my hardening cock he sucks on it. After I go back to blowing him he pops a tasty nut while I play with his asshole.

Conquering Cory 3 - My Cock, Cory's Mouth... - 15.80 mins

After stuffing himself with candy and soda, Cory picks out a DVD for tonight’s session. Naked on the chair, Cory lets me suck on his fat cock. I take out my cock and rub’em both together and after I give Cory’s balls a tongue bath he starts jerkin’ on my cock. Before he makes me cum we move over to the sofa and we stroke each other for a while. Cory shoots his load in my hand and stays rock hard as he starts to lick the head of my cock barely taking it in his mouth. Cory continues to jerk me and I bust big in his hand. That was worth waiting for!

Conquering Cory 3 - Double Or Nuttin’ - 15.83 mins

Cory escapes some domestic troubles and shows up on my doorstep. The porno is ready to go and as soon as he strips down, so is Cory. After oiling up his cock I take it in my mouth and bring him to the edge. I take out my own stiff rod and start a cock fight with Cory and then I sit next to him on the sofa as we yank our cranks. I grab his cock to stroke it and he grabs mine and soon we’re both busting huge nuts. Nice!

Cory's Big Adventure - Baby You Can Drive My Car - 8.88 mins

After Cory returns from driving my new car (he so knows how to pull my strings!) he stays seated in the front seat, pulls out his cock and starts to masturbate to the porn mag he just picked up at the Motor-Mart. Of course I can’t resist and start blowing him right there in the open (fortunately the neighbors are on vacation!) and in no time he blows his wad.

Curious Cory - Well Hungover - 19.55 mins

After an exciting story of fisticuffs and getting a bump on the head the night before, Cory picks out a new porno to watch and quickly gets naked. I suck on his cock and balls and then I take out my own throbbing cock. Cory watches closely as I rub my cock on his butthole and soon he erupts all over. I bust my own huge nut back onto his cock.


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