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Maskurbate: William & Dereck

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DescriptionReview from http://www.joeknowsgayporn.com/2011/04/25/review-maskurbate/

Today, I bring you a tiny bit of kink from MASKURBATE.COM. Guys who are too afraid to show their face put on a tiny Robin mask and are free to fuck wildly and unrecognizable to their friends and family – kind of like how Superman would do it just by combing his hair to the other side and taking off his glasses. But I’m not complaining. I like the masks and am all for them wearing it while fucking.

So in this video we have William and Dereck to have sex for our pleasure. William is the stud in the mask and Dereck is the pierced boy with the Ed Hardy cap on, and to solidify the douchey-ness of Ed Hardy, he has it cocked to the side. Unfortunately, douche bags and their style are hot and they know it, but William gets to do what we all want and make a d-bag our bitch and take it. If their names weren’t so clearly marked on the trailer below, I don’t think I would’ve known. We don’t get anytime to get to know them with a little pre-fuck interview, they just start rubbing on each other and taking their clothes off. Dereck pulls his shirt over his head without hardly moving his hat – boy’s had practice.

William is striped down to his blue camo boxer briefs, which probably come in handy if you’re Aquaman and need to hide from some sharks or Sponge Bob. Dereck continues the rubbing, then shoves his hand down the underpants (see they don’t hide you too well on land.) He then dives down onto the cock and sucks it for all it’s worth, putting his pierced lip to good use. He slurps on it so loudly and you can hear his deep nose breathing as if the penis doubles as the mic for this shoot. It kind of sounds like a baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound.

William gets Dereck’s pants down and strokes his uncut cock a bit, but doesn’t suck it. That honor and privilege is solely Dereck’s, and he’s back on his knees where he belongs. The slurping continues.

Then cut to insertion. Our Masked Man’s dick slowly pushes it’s way into the Hardy Boy’s ass, and he lets out a soft, pleasurable moan. Robin, the Boy Wonder, rocks his pelvis back and forth, thrusting his dick into that hungry hole as D-man jerks it. They manage to get into a few different positions and the bottom bitch is in ecstasy thru each one.

Their fuck session ends up in the shower. Naturally, whose doesn’t? Easier to clean up that way. And the shower comes complete with…a stripper pole? Must be some Vegas hotel. Or am I the only one without it? Dick pays it no attention and continues his assault on the hairy hole, until he’s read to bust. The little cum whore barely gets to his knees in time to catch the load over his tongue and suck the shaft clean.

Dereck is allowed to beat off, as Willy gently caresses him, but is generally not very helpful. Now which one’s the d-bag? He manages to empty a load on William, though.

Overall, I’ll give this offering high marks for it’s fetishistic masked sex and hot guys. The only thing that would make it better is if the guys actually kissed. I love watching guys make out. The enthusiastic slurping on the cock makes me believe they are really into it, and watching a d-bag be made a bitch and be a cum guzzling whore is always a plus too.  3-3/4 LOADS for this MASKURBATE offering.
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