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WH - Marek Ocasek

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DescriptionModel Name: Marek Ocasek
Age: 29
Home Town: Neratovice
Height: 163cm/5'4"
Weight: 56kg/123.2lb
Foot Size: EU41/US8.3/UK7.8
Penis Size: 16cm/6.3"
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Profession/Student of: Shoemaker
Hobbies: Sport
Favorite Sports: Football
Active Sports: Football
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Amy Winehouse
Visited Coutries: England
Want to Visit Coutries: Spain
Dream of My Life: Traveling
Zodiac Sign: Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Erotic video
Marek Ocasek is aged 29 and lives in Neratovice. He is a shoemaker who enjoys sports and football in his spare time. He is a very nice guy, who we have already done a duo with. In this erotic video Marek reclines on the bed, shirt open and begins to caress himself. A helping hand quickly arrives and begins to rub Marek's chest and is soon working on his groin too, with a hand inside the jeans. He removes Marek's jeans and we see a very nice cock and big balls. The hand play with Marek's cock and it is soon swelling, noticably. Then it gets fully erect, which Marek is clearly enjoying, looking into the camera and licking his lips. The hands wank Marek's throbbing cock, oiling it so that it glistens. Marek then spreads his legs, so we can see a nice hairy ass crack. The hands are rubbing the crack as the wanking continues, and Marek lifts his legs, to give full access to his hot hole. He looks as though he is loving the attention, and almost swoons as a finger slips into his tight ass. Marek's cock is rock hard still, as it is wanked, with two fingers fucking his ass. It feels so good for him, you can see it on his face, so nice black vibrator is pushed into his ass to fuck nice and deep, as the hand wanks the cock. Very soon Marek shoots his load with that dildo deep fucking him. Then it is off the shower to clean up. I must say it is so good to see how much Marek enjoyed his scene, I am sure we will be seeing him again soon.

Raunchy sex - Marek & Honza. Kink
We invited newcomer Marek Ocasek to come in for a Raunchy Duo with Honza Copak. Honza is sitting on a chair comtemplating something. He stands up and we soon see what is on his mind, as we glimpse Marek, through a sheer curtain, in a recess. He is bound, blindfolded and gagged. Honza reaches through the curtain and pulls Marek out. Honza starts pulling Marek about and hitting him with some rolled paper. He really pulls on Marek's nipples, making him moan, and then he slaps him. Then Honza takes some whips and starts to beat Marek's body. Marek is then hung,from an overhead pulley, with his arms spread wide, so that his feet are off the ground. Honza continues to beat him, with Marek spinning round as he takes it. Honza opens Marek's jeans and pulls them down a little, releasing his already throbbing cock. Marek's cock stays rock hard as he iw worked on. Soon Honza is hot for cock and goes down to take Marek's dick in his mouth. He sucks on the cock, and bites it before coming off it and slapping it. Next Honza re-arranges Marek, so that he is on his knees and restrained with metal hooks in his nose and ass, with his mouth held open by a gag. Honza strips his clothes off and shoves his cock into that open mouth. He fucks his cock in and out of the mouth as Marek moans. Honza then moves round and slides his throbbing cock into Mareks ass. Marek loves to get fucked, real hard. His cock is rock hard as Honza is deep inside him, fucking him real good. Marek loves this action and Honza moves him again, hanging his body from the overhead ropes, with wrists and ankles shackled together so that his ass is available for more fucking. Honza rams his cock in and out of Marek's willing hole. Marek certainly can take it, and Honza fucks him really well, at the same time wanking Marek's enormous erection. In fact Marek loves it so much and he shoots his load as Honza wanks him and fucks him. He shoots a big, creamy load with Honza's dick deep in his ass. Honza fucks even harder and the pulls out and gets ready to shoot his load too. Marek is lowered to the ground and Honza kneels over his face and shoots a huge cum shot all over him. Then he removes Marek's gag and pushes his spent cock into his mouth. Once it is cleaned properly Honza is ready to relax and sits down to read, while resting his feet on Marek, who is left restrained, and ready for more. What an excellent scene, and Marek really proved his worth as a fabulous bottom, while Honza, ever reliable, really gave him what he wanted.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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